Who is Keemstar's girlfriend? Ethan Klein calls YouTuber 'hypocrite', his relationship 'creepy'

The H3 Podcast by Ethan Klein was temporarily banned and post that, he called Ke

                            Who is Keemstar's girlfriend? Ethan Klein calls YouTuber 'hypocrite', his relationship 'creepy'
Keemstar revealed his 20-year-old girlfriend on Instagram (Instagram/ @keemstar)

YouTuber Ethan Klein's H3 Podcast has been suspended for a week from the platform after he commented on rival Daniel Keem or Keemstar's new girlfriend, who is 20 years old. He has branded Keemstar a “hypocrite”. He also pointed a finger at the latter for the comments he made about Klein's wife Hila.  

On August 12, the H3 Podcast confirmed the temporary ban via a tweet. The tweet read, “We’re very sad to announce we can’t post on YouTube for 7 days, which means no Off The Rails, After Dark, or Families in the coming week Pensive face were very sorry we won’t be there for you guys but we’ll see you in a week." Ethan also retweeted a video posted by Keemstar where the latter talks about the alleged violations incurred by H3 podcast. "Keemstar, in the ultimate hypocrisy, has cried to YouTube about me making fun of his creepy ass dating a 20 year old. He called her 'fresh cheeks.' Now we are suspended for a week. This after he lied and cried about me getting him suspended, which I had nothing to do with," Ethan wrote. 


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Who is Keemstar's girlfriend?

It all started when the Drama Alert host, 39, posted a photo of his new girlfriend on Instagram following an argument with YouTuber Trisha Paytas after the latter posted a video on August 5 chatting about Keemstar’s new girlfriend. Trisha condemned Keemstar for “manipulating and grooming someone who was so much younger than him.” She added that most “20-year-olds don’t have fully developed minds”, and hence are unsure of themselves. She further claimed that most younger women date older men for “money, power, fame or maybe because they have some other issues.”


The YouTuber revealed that she got into relationships with men like Keemstar when she was younger because she “had issues with her father.” “There are so many different levels and reasons of why a young person would do this,” Trisha said in the video. Taunting Trisha, Keemstar wrote in the caption, "Trisha I’m never letting (you) sit in my car stay jellybean mad you psycho!!!” alongside a photo of his girlfriend looking every bit stylish as she stepped out of an expensive car. 

Although Keemstar did not tag his girlfriend in the Instagram picture, Instagram sleuths got busy digging up her name. After some investigating, they found out that Keemstar’s new girlfriend was Christine Youngman, who had 2,000 followers on Instagram. However, her account currently remains private. According to her social handle, Youngman is originally from Austin, Texas, but resides in Buffalo, New York. She is 19 years younger than Keemstar.


Keemstar allegedly met her at a fan meet-up, which she had attended with her friend. The YouTuber has revealed that his new girlfriend wasn’t familiar with him or his internet fame when they first met. He has also bashed Trisha for criticizing the age gap between him and his new girlfriend via a video he posted on Twitter. In the clip, the YouTuber stated that his girlfriend wasn't a golddigger and that she had a job of her own, without going into details about her occupation. He also claimed that Christine did not have any “daddy issues” by stating that she has a great relationship with her family.

Why was H3 Podcast suspended from YouTube?

According to Insider, YouTube confirmed that it has “removed a video from H3H3 for violating our harassment policy, which prohibits content degradingly sexualizing an individual.” H3 Podcast is reportedly facing suspension due to a comment made by Ethan about Keemstar’s 20-year-old girlfriend. The H3 podcast host said, “The girl is only 20-years-old, she’s a child. This is about a 39-year-old creep, preying on a young girl.”


The suspension came after Keemstar tweeted a presently-deleted video tagging Twitter SEO Susan Wojcicki where he questioned the reason Ethan has been able to get away with his comments since it clearly violated the site’s terms and conditions. “Why is it other YouTubers versus Ethan Klein and YouTube staff?,” Keemstar asked. He also shared a second video adding “the stuff that is said on that podcast bullies and harasses other creators, would never fly on anybody else’s channel.” 

Keemstar and Ethan have been feuding even after the H3 podcast’s suspension was made official. Ethan claimed in one of his tweets that Keemstar called his wife a “horse”. In another tweet Ethan wrote, “I didn’t cry to YouTube about you but you just outed yourself as the hypocrite we all knew you were — you did exactly what you accused me of, how does it feel to be proven a perfect hypocrite?”