KBS Song Festival 2020 Full List of Performers: Astro’s Moonbin, Stray Kids's Hyunjin, The Boyz's Jooyeon, NCT's Shotaro

KBS has confirmed that the special Holiday version of 'Dynamite' by K-pop supergroup BTS will premiere on the KBS Gayo stage

                            KBS Song Festival 2020 Full List of Performers: Astro’s Moonbin, Stray Kids's Hyunjin, The Boyz's Jooyeon, NCT's Shotaro
BTS, NCT, Stray Kids (Getty Images)

The KBS Song festival titled KBS ‘Gayo Daechukje’ 2020 is all set for December 18th and the performers’ list brings all the A-listers of K-pop stars including Grammy-nominated BTS, TWICE, Jackson Wang (GOT7), and P Nation’s Jessi’s collab, and to top the excitement off, a new report reveals Astro’s Moonbin, Stray Kids's Hyunjin, The Boyz's Jooyeon, NCT's Shotaro are coming together with a brand new stage performance. SM Entertainment’s brand new group Aespa will also be jazzing up the KBS stage this year. Before the show kicks off here's all you need to know about the highly-anticipated show. 

The KBS Song Festival aka KBS Gayo Daechukje is an annual South Korean music show hosted by the national Korean Broadcasting System where the biggest of Kpop stars come together every year to kick off the year-end festivities. Though the event will take place without any presence of a live audience this year, a fresh set of collaborations and the performers’ list reveal, KBS Gayo won’t let the old charm dim anytime soon.


Aespa appeared in a short video and introduced themselves as “Shining K-pop stars of 2020”. The group said, "We also practiced hard for our performance at the 2020 KBS song festival. Please look forward to our stag and also give a lot of love and support for us. Everyone, see you at KBS Song festival”


A new report suggests, Itzy, Oh My Girl, Mamamoo, TXT, Stray Kids, 2D1N and Gfriend will also participate along with the previously confirmed lineup which included BTS, NCT, TWICE, Taemin, and more. Another Twitter report has also added that KBS has approved the special Holiday version of the 'Dynamite' performance of BTS which will premiere on the KBS Gayo stage. Catch the complete performers list below.


Titled as KBS ‘Gayo Daechukje’ Connect 2020 hosted by ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo, TVXQ's Yunho, and actress Shin YeEun will begin at 8.30 pm KST. Prior to the main event, a photo event and the arrival of the major Kpop stars will also be live broadcasted through KBS World YouTube channel. To know how to live stream, click here.

Though the complete list of performers has not been revealed yet, here’s all the Kpop stars who are confirmed in the lineup.


Here's a look at the first series of performers:






Oh My Girl

Jackson (Got7) 


Kim Yeon-ja


Park Jin-young

Paul Kim


Sul Woon-do


Taemin (Shinee)


Stray Kids*


The Boyz*



This list is being updated, circle back for the latest updates. 


For all the Kpop enthusiasts, KBS Gayo is a chance to see their faves interacting with each other, setting the mood for a grand year ending. Hence, the new updates about the unique collaborations are creating quite the buzz on social media. A fan posted, “I hope Shotaro is making new friends especially with Hyunjin Moonbin and Juyeon cause they're all amazing.” Another said, “hold on ... we are getting a moonbin, juyeon, hyunjin and shotaro stage on kbs ??? imagine the power of these dancers.” A BTS fan shared a snap of BTS Jungkook from 2018 KBS Gayo with the caption, “since BTS will be attending kbs gayo, let me bring back this jeon jungkook in kbs gayo daejun 2018 when he turned like romeo finding his juliet in the crowd.” 





Check out this space for all the latest updates on KBS Gayo 2020, which is scheduled for December 18 at 6.30 pm (ID/TH Standard Time) or 7.30 pm (PH/SG/MY Standard Time).

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