Who is Kayja Rose? Joe Rogan's stepdaughter shouldn't get vaccinated according to comedian's latest podcast

Rose is 25 years old and is in the same age group that Rogan thinks should be exempt from getting the jab

                            Who is Kayja Rose? Joe Rogan's stepdaughter shouldn't get vaccinated according to comedian's latest podcast
Joe Rogan's wife Jessica with stepdaughter Kayja Rose. Joe Rogan adopted Kayja Rose when he married Jessica (Instagram/Getty Images)

Joe Rogan is under fire once again for his recent comments on the Covid-19 vaccine. The comedian and podcast host has been slammed for telling millions of his listeners that young people don't need to get vaccinated as they are 'fit and healthy'.

"If you're like 21 years old, and you say to me, Should I get vaccinated? I'll go no. If you're a healthy person, and you're exercising all the time, and you're young, and you're eating well, like, I don't think you need to worry about this," Rogan told his audience over a Spotify podcast, thus earning the rage of many for spreading misinformation.

The comedian's claims about young people being less at risk, however, had many wondering about his stepdaughter, Kayja Rose, who is in the same age group that Rogan thinks should be exempt from getting the jab. Rose, whom Rogan adopted after marrying his wife Jessica Rogan in 2009, is an R&B artist. If she follows her stepdad's advice, Rose shouldn't have to worry about being vaccinated, and vaccine doses should ideally be passed on to 'more vulnerable' people, as per Joe Rogan. 


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Who is Kayja Rose?

Born on 23 August 1996, Rose was adopted by the UFC commentator following his wedding to her mother, Jessica. At the age of 12, Rose and her mother moved into Rogan's house as they became a family that welcomed two more girls - Lola, 13, and Rosy Rogan, 11.

Rose's first EP titled 'Tipsy' was released in 2017, and since then, she has been quite active on Soundcloud. Since her first EP, Rose has gone on to release five more singles on Spotify - the latest being 'Breathless Over You', her first track of 2021. Her affinity for music comes from her late biological father Dino Conner, who was the lead singer of R&B group 'H-Town', and whose legacy she strives to carry forward.

Rose's parents - Conner and Jessica, who was then Jessica Ditzel, split shortly after Rose's birth, and Conner died seven years later in January 2003. Reportedly, Jessica and Joe were already seeing each other before Conner's death in a car accident. 


Joe Rogan's vaccine remarks

Her stepdad also recently signed a $100 million Spotify contract for his self-titled podcast that's airing on the platform, with his past career being made up of mostly YouTube videos. The 53-year-old's remarks about the Covid-19 vaccine have come after the US has already administered 230 million jabs, with President Joe Biden urging all Americans over the age of 16 to "go get vaccinated now" so they could "do more things." Rogan however recommended only the 'vulnerable' should take the vaccine, adding that his parents already have and agreeing it's safe.

The internet however isn't letting him off easy, with people tweeting "My feeling is that, no matter what your age, you should not take medical advice from Joe Rogan.” Another expressed concern and alarm, writing "I spent five days in hospital and am still on supplemental oxygen because of COVID. I may have permanent lung scarring ... They need to fire Joe Rogan immediately." Rogan's brash claims about the vaccine follow his early commentary on how wearing masks is for 'b*****s' and for also showcasing anti-vaxxers on his podcast amidst the pandemic.



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