Katy Perry teases slow dance single 'Teary Eyes' in 'Smile Sundays' session ahead of album release

'Teary Eyes' is the latest single featuring on her upcoming album 'Smile'. Noted as 'probably one of my favorite songs' on the LP, the track adopts resonances of rave and '90s dance music

                            Katy Perry teases slow dance single 'Teary Eyes' in 'Smile Sundays' session ahead of album release
Katy Perry (Getty Images)

Katy Perry is building up anticipation for her new album 'Smile' with a preview for one of its featured tracks, 'Teary Eyes'. During week two of her three-week 'Smile Sunday' sessions, Perry shared a snippet of the new song in an episode that paid tribute to her fiancé Orlando Bloom's dog Mighty. Noted by the singer as "probably one of my favorite songs" on the LP, the melancholic track adopts resonances of rave and '90s dance music.

In June, Perry spoke a bit about the song in an interview on Radio KC101 with Adam Rivers and confirmed it will feature on her upcoming studio album 'Smile'. Speaking of her sixth LP, Perry said, "I was gonna put a record out in June, I pushed it a little bit," before teasing 'Teary Eyes' by noting, "There was conversation about not putting it out this year. I was like, 'We need some songs to dance through our tears through'."

"It's really about just dancing through your tears, and I’m like, 'Wow, that really resonates – that slaps! That hits hard for me right now'," she added. Perry has also previously described the album as her "journey towards the light, with stories of resilience, hope and love." On her 'Smile Sunday' session, she also teased more album merchandise along with a single 'High On Your Supply' that will only be available exclusively through Target. The song will feature a message that Perry recorded back in March when she thought "the world was ending."

Another highlight of the session was when Orlando Bloom showed up announced and surprised Perry. She was so into the music, she didn’t notice him sneak into the room. She said, “You’re not supposed to see me doing this." Bloom then proudly shared that he put up the backdrop for Perry before saying he is "heading out." Perry has been fully engaged on her social media to promote her upcoming LP, sharing artwork and releasing several singles.

Perry released lead single 'Daisies' on May 15. Its cover art was also posted that day, featuring the singer smiling in a field of yellow daisies. The second single to arrive was the LP's self-titled track which dropped in July. The song samples Naughty by Nature's 1999 song 'Jamboree' and in it, Perry talks about expressing her gratitude for changes in her life. Previously released standalone singles 'Never Really Over' and 'Harleys in Hawaii' are also included on the album. 'Smile' is set to release on August 14.

You can listen to the 'Teary Eyes' teaser here.

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