Katy Perry 'Not The End of The World' video: Release date, concept, how to stream and all you need to know about song starring Zooey Deschanel

The music video will feature sci-fi aesthetics and lead actress Zooey Deschanel from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

                            Katy Perry 'Not The End of The World' video: Release date, concept, how to stream and all you need to know about song starring Zooey Deschanel
Katy Perry (Getty Images)

Katy Perry has announced the release date of the official music video for 'Not the End of the World', a track often regarded as a favorite among fans from 'Smile'. 

Perry has already treated fans to several music videos from her latest album and 'Not the End of the World' will follow after videos for 'Resilient', 'Cry About it Later' and the self-titled 'Smile'.

Here's everything you need to know about the 'Not the End of the World' video.

Release date

The video will premiere on YouTube on Monday, December 21, at 6 am PT / 9 am ET.


'Not the End of the World' is the sixth track from Perry's fifth and latest studio album 'Smile', released on August 28, 2020. The song is a mixture of pop and trap with a stomp dance rhythm and Perry addressing the elephant in the room of the pandemic with an optimistic approach. Lyrics include, "You can catch a star if the sky is falling down. There’s a golden lining up in every single cloud," and "Throw on your fancy attire, fears in the fire. Don’t lose hope. It’s no funeral we’re attending. Actually, just the beginning."

The song also contains sampled elements from ’70s pop-rockers Steam’s feel-good 1969 hit ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’.

Perry teased the 'Not the End of the World' visual on December 20 with a short, 6-second clip. "A little [smiley sun] day stroll…" she wrote for the caption. The video features the singer pushing a baby stroller (Perry welcomed her baby girl named Daisy Dove Bloom in August) and a group of friendly blue aliens welcoming the viewer and although short, we're getting vibes from the 2005 sci-fi comedy film 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. The film's lead actress, Zooey Deschanel, will also feature in Perry's upcoming video.

Check out Perry's teaser announcement below.


How to stream

The easiest way to watch the music video would be to hop onto YouTube or see our video below. You can set a reminder for its official premiere time. Additionally, you can watch the music video on Vevo here.


Fan reactions

If you want to know what fans have to say about the upcoming video and the song itself, we've included some reactions.

Fans are already gearing to get the video a significant number of views on YouTube. "This video should have at least 200 million views," says a fan while another writes, "katycats let's get organized to make this clip happen, GOAL: 10 MILLION VIEWS IN 24HS."

Many fans are also saying that 'Not the End of the World' is one of the best tracks from 'Smile'. One fan says, "Popular opinion: This song is definitely a MASTERPIECE." Another shares, "one of her best songs ever!! if it gets enough attention i think it will be one of her biggest songs because it’s literally perfect for radio and the lyrics are incredible and perfect when we think about this year. it’s like Dark Horse 2.0." 

"This is my favorite song on the SMILE album. I love Katy so much, especially when she goes Urban beats & songs!" added another fan.

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