Katy Perry says fifth album will be out soon 'quarantined or not', fans adoringly name it KP5

Katy Perry said regardless of the pandemic, she will release the album this year

                            Katy Perry says fifth album will be out soon 'quarantined or not', fans adoringly name it KP5
Katy Perry (Getty Images)

Katy Perry has announced that she will release a new album this year despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The songstress spoke about the album, which fans are calling KP5, on a video shared by KATY PERRY NEWS, a fan-made Twitter account.

"I know that in California, there's gonna be a lot of rules and ways of doing things," she explained in the clip. "We're not just gonna go back to normal," she said speaking about the pandemic. She then added, "So I'm gonna put out a record this year, quarantined or not, because we ain't gonna let no coronavirus stop us from dancing even if we're dancing in our homes."

Perry added, "And also, I think, some of these songs could be helpful and empowering and hopeful and joyful. And with that, knowing that there's gonna be a lot of restrictions, I have to be innovative, so I'm coming up with a lot of innovative plans along the way and it won't be as high-production and huge as having all of the ability to access anything like we used to, but I guess the music will speak for itself."

Fans were extremely excited about the news. While one fan exclaimed, "YES GIRL YES!", many others were calling Perry "queen". One fan said, "Yes no one can stop us from bopping your new song queen." Another wrote, "She’s coming to serve regardless."

One fan said, "An artist who cares about the fans omg. Thank you for not delaying your music." Another said, "Well this means no promo or a proper era but at least we will have KP5 so i'm happy (sic)."

The new record will mark Perry's sixth solo studio album overall, including the Christian-gospel album 'Katy Hudson'. After her single 'Never Worn White', which released in March and revealed that Perry was pregnant, reports were unclear when the exact date of the album's release will be. There were speculations that it will release in summer 2020. On May 7, Perry announced that the album's lead single, titled 'Daisies', will be released on May 15 and said on Instagram, "The music must go on."

Perry's last studio LP was 2017’s 'Witness', which produced the singles ‘Chained To The Rhythm, 'Bon Appetit', 'Swish Swish', 'Save As Draft' and 'Hey Hey Hey'.

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