Watch: Katy Perry's adrenaline-packed whale watching trip is comedy gold

Katy Perry is visiting Australia for her Witness tour, and taking some time off before her Brisbane concert, the singer took a trip along the Queensland coastline.

                            Watch: Katy Perry's adrenaline-packed whale watching trip is comedy gold
Katy Perry (Source:Getty Images)

Katy Perry has been soaking up on quite the fun time along the Queensland coastline as she visits Australia for her Witness tour. But in a hilarious video clip posted by the singer herself on her Instagram, she can be seen graciously accepting defeat - well, not that graciously - as she tried to battle the forces of nature on Wednesday. Enjoying a whale watching trip during her time off before the upcoming Brisbane leg of her tour, the 33-year-old and her entourage can be seen yelling as a group of whales breached the water's surface in the distance. 

"We are very excited," Katy captioned this video, among the slew of several other videos she posted from the same trip. But then comes the hilarious next clip where she can be seen getting thrown around on the boat due to the extreme high waves and strong winds. "A few people lost their lunch," read the caption for this video. 

But this isn't the first time Katy has experienced a high adrenaline rush while touring the lands down under. Back on Monday, she decided to visit Dreamworld - one of Australia's largest and most popular theme parks. Incidentally enough, her visit happened just two years after four people died on the Thunder River Rapids Ride.

The snaps from the ride show her at The Giant Drop - a 115 meter (377ft) drop tower ride. In another photo, Katy is seen riding one of the most intimidating rides the theme park has to offer - aka the Hot Wheels SideWinder, a roller coaster ride.

This comes about two years after the death of four people at the park, after the aforementioned Thunder River Rapids ride flipped one of the rafts. Two people were crushed and two others drowned. Out of them, two were mothers - Kate Goodchild and Cindy Low - both of whom had a young child on board with them.

It has been described as nothing short of 'miraculous' how both the children had managed to free themselves from the ride before it flipped on its side and proved to be fatal for the rest of the people on board. Goodchild's brother, Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi also died in the tragic accident. This had caused the theme park to stay closed for about six weeks after the tragedy happened. 

As for Katy, she clearly has been having a gala time on this tour, as is clear from her countless Instagram posts and stories documenting it. Recently, she also tweeted an adorable video of herself talking about singer Celine Dion - who is also in Australia for her own tour - upon finding out that she'll be attending Katy's Perth concert.  

The video that begins with Katy praising Dion on the stage for having "the most amazing energy," and continuing with "She is down to earth. She is my hero, Miss Celine Dion" is captioned: "...and hilarious too! Never grow up @CelineDion."