'Katy Keene' Episode 2: Lucy Hale's portrayal of a whirlwind fashionista in New York has fans raving for her

Fans are also appreciative of the show's relatable storyline and the performances of the cast members who bring comic book characters to life and make them look believable

                            'Katy Keene' Episode 2: Lucy Hale's portrayal of a whirlwind fashionista in New York has fans raving for her
Katy Keene and Josie McCoy (The CW)

This article contains spoilers for 'Katy Keene' Season 1

The second episode of 'Katy Keene' brought New York's reality to life - from the magic of record stores to the bouts of harsh professional denials. Katy Keene (Lucy Hale), Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), Pepper Smith (Julia Chan) and Jorge Lopez (Jonny Beauchamp), are the best of friends that rely on each other no matter what life puts in their way. The series is a spin-off of CW's 'Riverdale' but has left behind the dark vibes and has stuck with the sparkly whimsical tune of the comic characters. 

While the show focuses on the characters as they navigate their way through the Big Apple, hoping to make their big dreams a reality, it brings about a relatable narrative that most millennials would be drawn to. From the confusion of finding a career, not giving up on your dreams and figuring out if you're ready for marriage, it touches upon themes that have people reeling with comfort and nostalgia. 

"Finally able to watch #KatyKeene, and well, I LOOOVE it! I enjoy the friendship aspect in a show more than romantic relationships and so far, this is a great show about friendship and hopes and dreams," tweeted a fan. Fans were also appreciative of the cast members and their performance on a show that brings the whirlwind fashionista, Katy Keene, to life.

"Okay, I woke up to see my idol. You were great, I’m glad to see you. It’s time to go to bed because in two hours I need to get up. Five in the morning, I'm coming!! Sending all my love Lucy #KatyKeene," tweeted a fan. "I see why you’re so proud of this show love, we all see the hard work you’ve put it and ur talent shines through. Thanks for sharing it with the world #katykeene," tweeted another in support of Lucy Hale's portrayal of lead character 'Katy Keene.'

The show seems to have tugged on more than a few heartstrings, and we're on the same page as the fans. "I relate to Katy the most, seeing her deal with the tough choices she has to make is inspiring. Thank you for so many great characters #KatyKeene," tweeted another fan.

'Katy Keene' airs Thursdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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