Katie Price confronts ex-husband Keiran Hayler in explosive video, 'I deserve better'

Hayler has demanded a share of Price's estimated £45 million fortune as 'compensation' for being prevented from working as a stripper during the course of their marriage.

                            Katie Price confronts ex-husband Keiran Hayler in explosive video, 'I deserve better'
Katie Price (Source : Getty Images)

Katie Price and her ex-husband, Keiran Hayler, had split earlier this year following his alleged affair with their family nanny, and now, finally addressing the same, she has opened up and allowed her fans and followers a sneak peek into the tumultuous life she has been leading, surrounding her break-up with work and also motherhood, in the latest series of 'My Crazy Life'.  

The video appears as an Instagram clip where the former Glamour model seems to be engaged in a fierce confrontation with her ex. The 40-year-old can be seen standing up for herself in the middle of all that drama that follows in the short video, while she insists that she ‘deserves more’ than what Hayler had treated her to.

In the video, Price reassures her decision to part ways from the former stripper, and as the heated conversation between the two reaches its peak boiling point, she is seen to shout out, “I shouldn't be with you ‘cause of what you've done, I deserve better.”

Shockingly enough, Keiran’s response to that isn’t that of a protest. Instead, he can be seen replying to the mother of five, saying, "You know Katie, you shouldn't be with me." Whether that was disappointing for Price or just liberating to hear, isn't unclear. But her ex isn't the only thing on her list of woes, as just last year, the reality star had revealed that her mother — Amy — has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. 

Allowing her fans an insight into the situation of her mother, and Price's own personal condition going through the trying times, she shared an Instagram post, saying, "I can see that my mum is getting weaker and weaker." But despite all the hardships, Price has also been quite the doting mother through and through as recently she decided to showcase a glimpse of her meeting with the Parliament discussing the prospect of new laws against online trolls.

The star also has a personal interest in the matter as explained by her own self, proudly justifying why she is so passionate about it. She explained how her 16-year-old son Harvey has suffered from online bullying, saying, "Like me or hate me, I'm here to protect others. I'm going through a really rough patch with Kieran, and I'm trying to keep a happy and steady home, with [the drama] away from the children."

This clip arrived shortly after it was reported that her ex had demanded a share of her estimated £45 million fortune. He demanded that as 'compensation for lost earnings' after he wasn't allowed to work throughout the duration of their five-year marriage. 

Sources revealed to The Sun that Hayler's demands for a payout are based on Price's personal jealousy that stopped him from working as a stripper. But at the same time, he also added that he earned a cut for acting as a stepfather to her five children. The Sun that Kieran has demanded a payout after Katie stopped him working as a stripper due to her jealousy, adding that he earned a cut after acting as stepfather to her five children. 

The source said, "He wants to get what he's due in the split, he wants to walk away with what he thinks is fair. Kieran had a good career stripping and working as a plasterer before he met Katie, but he gave that up for her. He made good money, but Katie was jealous and didn't want him around women so he had to stop stripping."

While there have been no official updates from the ex-couple themselves on the share of the estate, it is no secret that Price and Hayler's five-year marriage has always been pretty turbulent. Especially since he himself had confessed to having been unfaithful to her on countless occasions, claiming that he was battling a case of sex addiction. 

But it didn’t stop at just that as right after publicly admitting that their marriage was over, Price — who recently started dating Kris Boyson — also went ahead to announce that her ex, Hayler, had enjoyed several raunchy trysts with a 19-year-old co-op worker.

In a recent interview, Price also admitted unlocking her ex-husband’s fingerprint to unlock his phone, just to uncover this latest alleged infidelity. Speaking to OK! magazine, she said, “He kept accusing me of stuff and it was annoying me because I knew he was probably cheating. Anyway, one night when he was asleep, I got his finger and pressed it against his phone so it unlocked it, and there it all was.”

New of the couple’s messy split comes shortly after it was reported that Price had asked Hayler for a £300 online divorce, but he had refused to that saying he wanted to 'do things properly.' Speaking to The Sun, an insider had also shared: “She doesn't see the point in spending money and time on lawyers and a huge divorce case when they could do it online. But when she suggested it to Kieran he refused flat out.”