Who is Kathryn Trammell? Florida woman arrested for breaking sink during sex in pub

Who is Kathryn Trammell? Florida woman arrested for breaking sink during sex in pub
Kathryn Trammell was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief (Photo by Pinellas County court)

SEMINOLE, FLORIDA: A woman in Florida was arrested after she and her friend ended up having a bit aggressive intimate moment in a bathroom eventually breaking a pub’s sink. The woman later was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.
The woman has been identified as Kathryn Trammel. She got slapped with $500 worth of damage that she and her friend caused inside a bathroom at Seminole eatery Irish 31 on Tuesday, December 7, as reported by the website, Smoking Gun. This is not the first time when sex made headlines for the wrong reasons. A Florida woman named Danielle Ferrero was caught exposing her breasts and masturbating during a visit with her inmate lover Cody Thomas. In another incident, Tina Gonzalez, a corrections officer in a prison facility came under fire for having sex with an inmate while 11 others watched. Similarly, a 30-year-old guard Javonte Richardson, was caught having sex with a female inmate, 15, in CCTV footage. In another reported incident a couple of years ago, a married 27-year-old correctional officer Sinead Nichole Hagan was seen having sex with multiple male prisoners.
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Who is Kathryn Trammell?

Kathryn Trammell is a 37-year-old woman from Florida who got on the wrong side of the law for being too adventurous. An arrest affidavit by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office shared by the website Smoking Gun revealed Kathryn’s offense. According to reports, she and her friend were asked to leave the bathroom before the incident happened. There was no issue with the pub’s sink until they came back for the second time. The duo broke the sink off the wall after getting intimate on top of it.


What does the arrest affidavit say?

According to an arrest affidavit, Kathryn Trammell and her friend who appears to be male were asked to leave for the first time. A sheriff’s deputy stated, “The defendant and her friend then left the bathroom and sat at the bar.” Giving her take on the incident, Kathryn reportedly said, “her friend and herself were being intimate in the bathroom and as a result, caused the sink to break.” The restaurant’s owner apparently wanted to press charges. Kathryn was later released from the county jail. Kathryn Trammell’s friend’s identity was not revealed in the affidavit.


An arrest affidavit by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office (Photo by Smoking Gun)

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