'Karen' trespasses private party in church in TikTok video, says she 'needs the coffee'

'Karen' trespasses private party in church in TikTok video, says she 'needs the coffee'
The Karen was seen disrupting a private party at a church (TikTok/ @doggo_lover.321)

Three police officers were seen in a viral TikTok video questioning a woman, called 'Karen' by the uploader, who reportedly disrupted a private party at a church. Viewers, on the other hand, aren't sure she was in the wrong. The video was published by TikTok user @doggo lover.321, who received 3.3 million views as of now. Two police officers interview the 'Karen' in the video, while another stands by.

The two female cops tell the woman she must leave or they will assist her out of the building. The third police officer was trying to get Karen's information because she wouldn't give her entire name, only initials, the TikToker commented on the video. In a second video, the TikToker stated that the 'Karen' entered the church while it was closed to the public for a private event. The celebration was for the birthday of the 2-year-old nephew of the TikToker's boyfriend.


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The 'Karen', though unknown to the partygoers, was let inside the chapel by them. The woman headed to the party's cooler and started drinking from it silently. “That’s when we kind of began to question her and kindly went over to her and asked her if she was supposed to be here,” the TikToker explained.

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The church coffee shop shuts at noon every day, according to the TikToker, and the woman didn't come up until around 4.30 pm. She informed the cops she wasn't going to leave because she needed her coffee, according to the TikToker. After that, the TikToker did not explain what happened to Karen. The "private party" conducted at church seemed to enrage viewers more than the Karen in the issue. Some people were offended that the woman was turned away.

“Churches being rented out? This is why they need to pay their share of taxes,” a user wrote. “It's a church… churches are always open, rented out or not. she could have been in a bad place and needed to seek a higher power,” another user pointed out.

Some viewers defended the TikToker, claiming that she shouldn't have screamed at the party. One user wrote in the comment section, “No need to defend your actions. You did the right thing.” “Handled like a grown-up, enjoy the day and sorry she ruin the birthday party.. happy birthday to your [nephew]..,” yet another person added. 

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