Kanye West teases new album 'Yandhi'. Could it be a thematic sequel to 'Yeezus'?

Kanye West teases his sixth studio production effort of the year, arriving just a couple of months after his latest LP 'ye'.

                            Kanye West teases new album 'Yandhi'. Could it be a thematic sequel to 'Yeezus'?

Kanye West is on a roll this year. The one-of-a-kind rapper produced five albums during his Wyoming sessions earlier this year, including his own solo chart-topping LP 'ye' as well as the highly-acclaimed Kid Cudi collab 'Kids See Ghosts'.

In recent weeks, he’s teased 'Watch the Throne 2' and a collaborative LP with Chance the Rapper called 'Good Ass Job'. Now, as Consequence of Sound points out, he seems to be hyping what is possibly a sequel to his 2013 solo magnum opus, 'Yeezus', which he’s aptly dubbed, 'Yandhi.'

If the name of the new offering wasn't enough of a hint that a sequel to 'Yeezus' is on its way, on Tuesday, Kanye took to Instagram to announce the record, featuring the artwork of a jewel case, bearing a striking resemblance to that of ‘Yeezus’. While the 'Yeezus' jewel case featured a red sticker and a blank CD, this new jewel case dons a purple sticker and contains a mini disc within it. The new record is set for a 29 September release.


Kanye also dropped another hint to his Twitterati. Shortly after SNL announced Kanye as the musical guest for its season 44 premiere, the 'Stronger' rapper tweeted an alternate image of SNL’s index cards featuring the name “Yandhi” in place of Kanye West.


As CoS reports, G.O.O.D. Music engineer Adam Wolpert further fueled the fire by posting a photo of the jewel case on his Instagram Story. “Sometimes you ask and receive. This was some hard s**t to keep under wraps tho…,” reads an accompanying caption. “G.O.O.D. Train keeps rolling.” Soon after, Def Jam Records (the parent company of Kanye’s GOOD Music) then delivered a tongue-in-cheek emoji-filled response to the speculation that the album will indeed be ‘Yeezus’ follow-up.

Although Yeezy is yet to actually confirm that 'Yandhi' will indeed be a follow-up album, he recently previewed a new clip of music from his Chicago studio. The short snippet soundtracked videos of him getting in a white car and then and entering a studio space, soundtracked to Kanye's falsetto drowned in heavy vocal effects. Check out the teaser below: