Kanye West says Kris Jenner makes best playlist and he misses Jay-Z, Internet asks 'you being held hostage?'

The rapper put up the tweets while enjoying a glamping trip with wife Kim Kardashian

                            Kanye West says Kris Jenner makes best playlist and he misses Jay-Z, Internet asks 'you being held hostage?'
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Kanye West is reportedly on a glamping trip with wife Kim Kardashian and their four children and it seems the outing has already started to do magic. In a Twitter post on Tuesday, August 11, the rapper wrote: “My mother in law Kris Jenner... makes the best music playlist.”


West earlier called his mother-in-law Kris Jenner “Kris Jong Un”, comparing her to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. He had also accused her of being a white supremacist. But his recent post hinted that he is in a mood to reconcile and enjoy happy days with his 39-year-old wife and her family. Besides, the 43-year-old, who is running for the White House against Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, also shared his feelings for Jay-Z.

He posted a screenshot of him performing 'Otis' with Jay-Z at the 2011 VMAs. “Miss my bro ... real talk,” he captioned the image.


West received a lot of comments for both of his tweets. For the Kris Jenner tweet, one of the users wrote: “Are you sure you are yourself anymore, or someone else is living in your life for you?” while another questioned, “Bruh you being held hostage or something?” A third person showed their doubt thinking someone has hacked his account by saying, “Stop letting them take your damn twitter. You know damn well that lady doesn’t know any good music.”




Commenting on the tweet for the 50-year-old rapper, one user suggested, “Then the both of you guys need to sit down and have a talk because you guys are family no matter what” while another added, “If that’s ya brother then cut the funny shit sit down and air it out like brothers.” “Come back down to earth maybe someone other than Trump might y’all to you. We miss you too bleed,” wrote a third person.




These recent tweets came after West said that his 2020 “goal is to win”. On August 7, he shared a tweet that read: “THE GOAL IS TO WIN”. Through that tweet, he appeared to clarify that his presidential bid is not just to hurt Biden, but “to win”. He also shared his "2020 Vision".

The presidential campaign of the ‘Jesus is King’ singer has faced a lot of scrutiny in the past few days after reports claimed that Republican political operatives who work for Trump are helping West. The apparent reason behind this is that by getting on some states' ballots, the father-of-four would take away the votes that might go to Biden in November.

A Vice.com article also claimed that GOP strategist Lane Ruhland, who is working for Trump’s campaign, helped West get on the ballot in Wisconsin. The article was shared by Cameron Joseph of Vice News on Twitter with a caption that stated: “A little update — The GOP lawyer who helped @kanyewest get on the ballot in Wisconsin is actively working for @realDonaldTrump 's campaign. She's the lawyer of record in their lawsuit to try to get a @prioritiesUSA anti-Trump ad pulled.”

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