Kanye West tweets report calling him highest-paid male celeb, fans ask 'isn't gluttony a sin, Mr Christianity?'

Most of the rapper's Twitter rants have been about his Christian faith recently. So when he shared this article, fans began slamming him for not practicing what he preaches

                            Kanye West tweets report calling him highest-paid male celeb, fans ask 'isn't gluttony a sin, Mr Christianity?'
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Kanye West is on a roll these days with his Twitter rants. His social media behavior is nothing new and his followers have learned to take it with a pinch of salt, have a laugh about it and move on. Kanye was on a considerable hiatus on the site and chose to return a couple of months ago to reconnect with his fans. Since then he's been pretty regular and ensures that he shares a couple of his thoughts with his followers every day.

Since his return, he has announced that he'd be contesting in the Presidential Elections this year. He also managed to break the internet with his rants about his mother-in-law Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, his wife and mother of their four kids, although he has already backtracked on those tweets. He's also been tweeting passionately about his faith as a Christian and he's gone as far as wanting to create JesusTok, a replacement for the popular app TikTok because he was "disturbed" by what he saw on it.

"I was watching Tik Tok with my daughter and as a Christian father I was disturbed by a lot of the content but I completely loved the technology," read a tweet he posted. 


This is just a single example of the tweets that he posts on the regular nowadays. Now it's a running joke on the Internet that no one loves Kanye much as Kanye loves Kanye. The rapper seems to know his worth and sells it to his fans and in the past hasn't shied away from showing himself love on social media. Nothing wrong with that.

However, a few of his followers decided to check and clap back at him after he posted another tweet of a boasting nature a couple of hours ago. He shared a screenshot of an article reported earlier on Wednesday, September 2, that said he was the highest-paid male celebrity. Trolls in the comments section of his tweets are not fresh news either. Its as regular as can be. Here are some of the tweets that poured in after Kanye's recent post. 

"Imagine bragging about riches in a world millions are suffering. Isn’t gluttony a sin, Mr Christianity?" wrote a follower. 


A tweet read, "it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. isn't that a line from the Bible?"


Another follower wrote, "I miss the Kanye that used to go on and on about how he didn’t give a f**k about how much money someone made. This desire to be recognized by your monetary value is so f**king corny."


A user shared, "Kanye is a talented rapper, gifted producer and a 'creative genius' but his whole charade of 'Christianity' is another plot to glorify himself. He’s always actively in pursuit of the limelight (egoistic). #PrayForKanye."



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