Why Kanye West posted Google results of Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry? Fans think he's exposing racial bias

Kanye West has been posting screenshots of his Google search results for Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence. Fans think West is pointing out racial discrimination in the media

                            Why Kanye West posted Google results of Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry? Fans think he's exposing racial bias
Jennifer Lawrence, Kanye West and Halle Berry (Getty Images)

Kanye West is posting a bizarre series of tweets on his account, leaving both fans and users scratching their heads. On July 20, the rapper shared several screenshots of Google searches, including a search for actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry which have now been removed from his Twitter. 

One post currently in existence is a snap of his Google search for righteous indignation along with its results. What is equally strange is that he still posted the screenshot when he mistyped his search as "crichoues indignation." Nevertheless, West wanted his fans to see the results, which include the description for righteous indignation as "Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice." 

"So why did Kanye post google searches for Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry? Is he watching 'X-Men'?" asked a user on Twitter while another wrote, "Please leave Halle Berry alone. She is out there minding her business." So why is West posting these screengrabs? For now, the answer is only left to assumption, but as a clever fan pointed out, it could be that he feels a sense of righteous indignation with relation to the media and Hollywood's unfair portrayal and promotion of celebrities.

"Kanye is showing the difference ..you look up Halle Berry and gossip pops up.. you look up Jennifer Lawrence and it’s just her biography and achievements. It's f**ked up and we know why," said the fan. Another fan also shared the same explanation, saying, "He’s showing the discrepancy between a simple Google search of an African American actress and a White American actress. Jennifer Lawrence’s shows her career and net worth, while Halle Berry’s shows none of that and just headline gossip."

Another earlier post on West's Twitter which reinforces the idea that the subject matter of his tweets relates to racial discrimination in the media is a link to the 'Black Or White' music video by Michael Jackson. The ambiguous nature of the posts could also suggest that West wants his followers to dig deeper and do their own research with a simple Google search to see the differences for themselves. Nevertheless, at this point, everything is a guessing game.

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