Kamala Harris, Miley Cyrus slammed for election talk on Instagram Live, Internet says 'wasted 15 minutes'

For a special edition of her show 'Bright Minded', Miley Cyrus spoke with Kamala Harris about the best way to make your voice heard in the upcoming elections

                            Kamala Harris, Miley Cyrus slammed for election talk on Instagram Live, Internet says 'wasted 15 minutes'
Kamala Harris and Miley Cyrus (Getty Images)

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, pop star Miley Cyrus and Democratic vice president hopeful Kamala Harris talked politics over a session of Instagram Live. Cyrus, for a special edition of her show 'Bright Minded', spoke with Harris about the best way to make your voice heard in the upcoming election. The two discussed a wide range of pertinent topics including the importance of voting. Harris said, "The way that you use the power of your voice during election is you got to vote. People will respond to who is voting and then respond to their issues."

Over the course of the show, Harris explained numerous ideas and issues. She said it's the young leaders who are making a difference. "I strongly believe that when we look at the extension of that civil rights movement from the '60s… to the movement that is happening now and people taking to the streets, I think what we know is the engagement and the willingness of young leaders to push forward change and to demand is really critical. It has been in large parts young leaders who have been enforcing accountability. I want young leaders to be at the table. Joe wants young leaders to be at the table. Because the only way we're going to strengthen as a country is to make sure that every voice is heard and respected."

Talking about racial injustices, Harris said that she and Biden will focus on reforming the criminal justice system, police accountability, requiring a national registry for police officers who have broken the law, justice in healthcare and education, and economic justice for people of color. In the end, Cyrus asked Harris what is on her playlist and what gets her pumped up before she takes the stage. The singer jokingly told the politician that she better have her song 'Party in the U.S.A.' on her playlist, to which Harris replied, "My walk on song is 'Work That' by Mary J Blige. I was at this event recently in North Carolina and it started pouring rain and then the song came on and it was pouring. But the energy, all these people turning out... and then we all just started dancing in the rain."


There were thousands of positive reactions to the live session between Cyrus and Harris, like one user who tweeted, "Miley did a great job and Kamala went off. What a great little interview!" and another added, "@KamalaHarris and @MileyCyrus live on IG and it's so good to see the humanity of it all.And @maryjblige gets the shout out as Kamala's walkout song. Miley even rocking a blazer, because 'taking action is always in fashion.'"



But the duo also received a lot of criticism online. One user said, "Just wasted a solid 15 minutes of my time watching Miley Cyrus try to interview Kamala Harris. I’ll never get that time back. Even from a singer/ actress Kamala fails to answer questions," while another added, "She’s trying so hard to be Barack Obama and it’s just not working."

Another said, "I don't know what’s more putrid, Kamala Harris being Kamala Harris or Miley Cyrus trying to be sexy," while a user tweeted, "Just a reminder Kamala 'horrible' Harris is meeting with Miley Cyrus today, you know the lady who said 'worship satan if you want to be rich and famous like me'...yeah that cyrus... kindred spirits." Slamming them, another user said, "lmao miley and kamala on Instagram live. liberal and leftist politicians are literally doing everything possible to appeal to young voters with aoc doing her livestream that is the third most viewed stream ever and this. and young adults still won’t have high voter turnout."






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