Kaley Cuoco claps back at trolls for rude comments about being braless in her workout video

Kaley was feeling proud of hitting the gym after undergoing surgery but her happiness did not last long as people started trolling her for not wearing a proper bra!

                            Kaley Cuoco claps back at trolls for rude comments about being braless in her workout video
Kaley Cuoco (Source:Getty Images)

Kaley Cuoco is happy that she can hit the gym almost two weeks after her surgery but despite her efforts, she became fodder for online trollers after she uploaded a video to her Instagram. The 'Big Bang Theory' actress took to Instagram to share a workout video which showed her doing an intense workout with a brace on her hand. "When your doc scolds you for not wearing your brace. Alrighty then guess we’re doing it this way!" she captioned the picture. However, the video gained attention for all the wrong reasons. People were quick to flood her Instagram with rude comments such as, "Where’s your bra," wrote one, while another added, "I like your nipples." 

Kaley was quick to hit back at the trollers. She slammed the critics in the comment section of the same post. “FYI because of my shoulder, I can only get certain bras over my head,” she wrote. “NOT THAT ITS ANYONE's BUSINESS.” She also responded to one of the commenters, who has since deleted the comment, personally stating, " Don’t be jealous. It’s not flattering.” At the same time, many of her fans came out in her defense. 

"Funny, I don’t see any of you going on men’s posts and harassing them if you happen to be able to glimpse a tiny bit of their nipples poking through their shirts. She’s exercising weeks after a surgery for f**ks sake, and you’re focused on her nipples instead of how badass this is? honestly, just piss off," wrote one. 

Another fan added, "Her body, her right to do as she pleases and she also knows what works and what doesn’t for her....post-surgery. Not sure why this is even a “news” story or why anyone has a right to discuss anything about her body. And yes, I’m discussing it only to state, that I’ve made many trips to the grocery store bra-less with a T-shirt on (and I didn’t have surgery) . More power to you....you are a rockstar for wanting to keep up your workout routine and not letting the surgery slow you down for long."

Another fan commended Kaley's dedication to be back at the gym just weeks after she underwent surgery. "Lady, your arm is in a sling and you’re doing a killer workout! Major props to you!!! You’re dedicated and you work hard - it’s an inspiration! It’s not like you’re naked... people are so ridiculous these days!" read the comment. Kelly revealed that she underwent a shoulder surgery while she was on a honeymoon with her husband, Karl Cook

Just a couple of days ago Kaley posted a series of video on her Instagram stories in which she confessed that she was ready to hit the gym as there are no excuses for not working out. I can't just sit around anymore," she said before sharing a series of her workout routines. "Alright there you have it, no excuses," Kaley told her followers after her workout. "Injured or not you can still have a badass workout."