Kaley Cuoco gets into workout mood two weeks after her shoulder surgery

Kaley Cuoco is spotted hitting the gym after she told her fans that she underwent a shoulder surgery.

                            Kaley Cuoco gets into workout mood two weeks after her shoulder surgery
Kaley Cuoco (Source:Getty Images)

Kaley Cuoco believes there are no excuses when it comes to working out and that is one of the reasons the actress decided to hit the gym and get some workout done just two weeks after her shoulder injury. The 'Big Bang Theory' actress took to her Instagram stories to update her fans on her progress after she underwent a shoulder surgery while she and husband, Karl Cook were on their honeymoon. 

"I'm able to kind of do more now but I still can't get my arm up to do my hair and makeup if you couldn't tell, so I haven't tweezed my eyebrows in two weeks," she told her fans. Kaley then gave a sneak peek of her workout but advised people not to try intense workout by themselves in case of an injury because she has professionals working with her. 

"I can't just sit around anymore," she said before sharing a series of her workout routines. "Alright there you have it, no excuses," Cuoco told her followers after her workout. "Injured or not you can still have a badass workout. I'm absolutely dead and ready to eat something." She then added, "That was frickin' awesome." Kaley told her followers about the surgery in a hospital selfie that she shared on her Instagram. 

“When your ‘honeymoon’ is shoulder surgery and your husband looks just as happy lol on the road to recovery,” she captioned the picture. "Thank you for all the love and support! knowing @mrtankcook I’m sure he will be posting tons of hilarious gems,” she further added. And as expected, he sure did! Taking to Instagram on July 5, Karl shared yet another picture of Kaley from the hospital. 

“Everyone has their own version of a newlywed glow….well @normancook yours is memorable #shouldersurgeryhoneymoon," he captioned the picture. He also posted a hilarious post-op video of his wife, who was sporting a black arm brace. “@normancook snoring like a distressed walrus. I love you so much honey but wow! #shouldersurgeryhoneymoon,” he wrote. Kaley did not fail to praise her husband for his support.

“All I’m asking for is a top knot ponytail because I can’t,” she said in a series of videos that she posted on Instagram. “No, I want a top knot bun, please don’t mess this up,” she continued as Karl took nearly 10 minutes to make her hair. Though Kaley did not reveal the reason she had to undergo surgery, the procedure occurred after the couple tied the knot on June 30. 

The actress broke the news by sharing pictures from the wedding on Instagram. Sharing a picture which showed the couple kissing she wrote, "Legally KCSQUARED 6-30-18." The actress looked stunning in her bridal attire — a white lace dress with a dramatic cape. She then changed into a chic white jumpsuit for the reception and was thrilled to get the party started as she shared the image and wrote, "Ok let’s party!!! #kcsquared."

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