Kailyn Lowry diagnosed with PCOS, 'Teen Mom 2' fans find it 'hard to feel bad' for her

While 'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry complained about not being able to lose weight due to PCOS, fans said she was to blame for eating junk food

                            Kailyn Lowry diagnosed with PCOS, 'Teen Mom 2' fans find it 'hard to feel bad' for her
'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV)

Despite working out regularly and watching her diet, Kailyn Lowry noticed that she wasn't able to lose any weight. The 'Teen Mom 2' star also noticed that she was experiencing heavy bleeding during her periods. So the reality star decided to consult her gynecologist to address her period concerns and ended up getting diagnosed with PCOS.

On the recently aired episode of 'Teen Mom 2', the 29-year-old poured her heart out while recording an episode for her podcast. The reality star explained how her OB-GYN found over 10 cysts on one of her ovaries, and the other ovary reportedly had a cyst that was almost half the size of her ovary. While Kailyn was glad to have got her diagnosis, she was however upset to learn the adverse effects of PCOS on her body.


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Kailyn got emotional while explaining how PCOS can lead to weight gain. She broke down while discussing how the mean comments she has been receiving about her recent weight gain were taking a toll on her. She also felt a sense of defeat over not being able to shed the excess pounds despite working really hard on it. But bodyweight wasn't the only issue that bothered Kailyn, the 'Teen Mom 2' star was also concerned about the fertility issues that come with PCOS.

Kailyn impulsively decided to freeze her eggs, so that in the future if she decides to have another baby, she can access the egg. She explained how she didn't want the choice of having another baby taken away from her due to her diagnosis. When fans saw Kailyn wallowing in pain over her PCOS diagnosis, they, unfortunately, found it hard to empathize with her.

A fan tweeted, "I’m sorry, but whenever we’ve seen kail, she’s eating fast food. I guess I would feel more empathy for her if she wasn’t such a racist, rude, and all-around nasty person. #TeenMom2." Another fan wrote, "I think it’s hard for me to feel bad for kail cause now your acting as though you struggling I have 1 kid and want more I have struggled literally but you have 4 now you talking about a struggle #teenmom2." One more echoed, "F*** off Kail. Stop it. Your freezing eggs you have 4 kids, and probably 1 out of 3 of ya friends have ovarian cysts. #TeenMom2."





Fans were also unimpressed by her idea of freezing her eggs to have a baby in the future. A fan questioned, "4 kids and 3 baby daddies isn't enough for you Kail?you can't even handle what you have. #TeenMom2." Another fan added, "Kail still wants to freeze eggs after 4 children. Girl, aren’t you tired? #TeenMom2." Another said, "Just tuned in. KAIL WANTS TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY?!?!? WHAT?!? She has the same psychiatric disorder Octamom has. She needs to have tons of children around to love her, bc she’s so damaged from childhood abandonment. Dear god, go to therapy! #TeenMom2."




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