Kailyn Lowry accuses Chris Lopez of being an 'Instagram dad'

Kailyn Lowry accuses Chris Lopez of being an 'Instagram dad'

It doesn't look like things are going to get better any time soon between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez. In the latest episode of 'Teen Mom 2', the reality star opened up about her relationship with Chris and it looks like the two are having troubles coming to an understanding.

In the episode, Kailyn accused Chris of being an 'Instagram parent', someone who usually just posts pictures of their children on the internet but is not involved in their lives in reality. The incident went down when Kaily was on a vacation with her friends Leah and Sierra. It is then that Chris reached out to the reality star in hopes of meeting his son, Lux. However, Kailyn was not pleased by this request and she did not hold back her emotions to express that. 


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"Chris texted me. Chris saw that I was in Hawaii and now all of a sudden he's asking where his son is," Kailyn told her friends, as reported by InTouch Weekly.  "But before I came here, he never asked me one time how his son is doing. So now he wants to know and now all a sudden he wants to see his son this week while I'm here. That's horrible." Kailyn said this after Chris allegedly re-posted a photo of Lux taken by her and wrote, "Lux is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

After hearing this, Sierra or, the "bird in the driver's seat" said, "When he's seen him twice. Acting like he's a parent when he doesn't give two s--ts. And now, all of a sudden, he wants to see the kid. He's trash." Kailyn added that this is the second time in the past seven months that Chris has come forward and asked about Lux. 

Following this Chris took to Twitter and wrote, "Instagram parent" before adding, "F--K Teen Mom 2" and "the nerve of the bird in the driver seat."

This beef between the pair comes as a surprise as the two were recently planning a birthday party for Lux together. "Hiiiiii followers," the 26-year-old wrote on July 10. "So I was going to have a coco theme party for Lux but Chris [and] I decided to change it last minute. I have a ton of fiesta/Coco theme birthday stuff unopened [and] unused. If you could use it tweet me!" 

Meanwhile, Kailyn also admitted that Chris was her first love. "I believe Lux's dad was my first true love...I know, weird, when I had two kids with two other people. But this is my life. This was my first REAL heartbreak, where I loved someone and was IN love with someone," she said. 

She further added that the last two splits with Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera were also heartbreaking but the one she experienced with Chris was different. "Breaking up with Isaac and Lincoln’s dads was upsetting because I felt like my kids lost the family aspect that I craved so badly for them," she added. "But this was different."

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