Kali Cook: Texas girl, 4, dies of Covid-19 after being infected by anti-vaxxer mom

Kali Cook: Texas girl, 4, dies of Covid-19 after being infected by anti-vaxxer mom
Kali Cook died in her sleep at home in Bacliff (GoFundMe/Karra Harwood)

Four-year-old Kali Cook of Texas died of Covid-19, hours after she likely got it from her mom, Karra Harwood, a staunch anti-vaxxer. Cook died in her sleep at home in Bacliff last Tuesday, September 7, just five hours after she woke up with the first signs of a fever. "Kali was perfectly fine, and then she was gone. It took her so fast, " the grieving mom, Karra Harwood said.

Harwood said she had tested positive for Covid-19 the previous day. Harwood then informed that she and her fiancé, William Tucker, were already out of work because they were sick and quarantined at home. "I tried to stay away from her and didn’t want her and my other kids to get it, " Harwood said. Kali and her brother and 5-month-old sister, also got infected.


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The Local Health Authority, Philip Keiser spoke of the incident and said, "This is a terrible thing, but I think people need to know about it. It’s very important, if your kids are sick, not to say, ‘Oh, they’re going to be OK. If your kids are sick, go seek out medical care." Reports cited that contact tracing didn't show Kali being close to anyone who was infected other than her family. Kali had just started pre-kindergarten classes, but officials said there is no suggestion that she got infected there.

Harwood, who was a staunch anti-vaxxer, said, "I was one of the people that was anti, I was against it. Now, I wish I never was." The local Health authority reported that Kali is the first child to have died of Covid-19 in Galveston County during the pandemic. Harwood launched an online fundraiser to help as she and her fiancé are still out of work while infected. The fundraiser surpassed its goal of $20,000 quickly. Harwood described her daughter as "funny and sassy". "She wasn’t your average little girl. She’d rather play with worms and frogs than wear bows. She was just so pretty and full of life, " she said.

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