Kacey Musgraves confirms she has new tracks in the works, excited fans say 'don't be shy and share them'

After a much-needed break for the success of 'Golden Hour', Kacey Musgraves has revealed with just two words that she has more music on the horizon

                            Kacey Musgraves confirms she has new tracks in the works, excited fans say 'don't be shy and share them'
Kacey Musgraves (Getty Images)

Singer Kacey Musgraves has confirmed she has new music while responding to a fan on Twitter. After an eager fan asked her earlier on Monday, August 10 if we can expect any new material, the singer wrote "I do" and shared the exchange on her verified Twitter account. "Hey @KaceyMusgraves I know damn well you have some bops just chillin in your custody. Pls give me a crumb of happiness bby," pleaded the enthusiastic fan.


More fans were quick to comment with quirky requests for new material. "Don’t be shy share them," said a fan while another wrote, "Pls help my depression."


One fan said, "STOP PLAYING." Another wrote, "ITS NOT A WANT ITS A NEED AT THIS POINT."




It is unclear whether the "bops" are singles, an EP, or an album, but we do know the confirmatory response to the plural usage of the word indicates we are certainly going to get more than one song. Keep your eyes peeled on Musgraves' social media, fans!

After her fourth and latest studio album 'Golden Hour', the year 2019 was quite big for the 'High Horse' songstress. Since then, she has been taking a much-needed break. The past year would see her touring around the globe and receiving the Grammy Album of the Year Award for 'Golden Hour'. According to Newsweek, Musgraves shared, "I don't think I have the human capacity to really put into words just how unbelievable the past chapter has been I just never dreamed it would be received in such a way."

"As an artist, you hope that it will be received positively, but that's not why you make what you're making...it felt really good," she continued, adding, "It was a little bit of a change for me, and I was excited about that. But it's opened up a million little portholes to new worlds that I never thought were possible."

For an artiste who has been described by critics as "genre-bending" with a mix of sounds ranging from country to pop, putting the creative muscles and work to rest is well-deserved, but fans do get anxious for new material and want to hear from their favorite celebrity. That's why the two-worded "I do" has a massive effect and implication.

In January, Musgraves admitted that it is always sad to say goodbye to an album's era. "You find something that speaks to you, [and] you create everything around it. You live inside it for a long time," she said. "You create a tour from it. All of your inspiration for it comes from this tiny seed of an idea. And everything spins off from that, and it generates so much excitement, so much stimulation, so much happiness and so much fun. And also a lot of hard work."

So, Musgraves is well aware that to create another hype cycle, you have to make sure your efforts are worth it or cherished. Either way, her break hasn't left her empty-handed with new songs and the aforementioned teaser is enough to get us anticipating as well.

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