Did WayV’s Xiaojun make a misogynistic comment on V Live? Truth behind controversy as fans blame mistranslation

Did WayV’s Xiaojun make a misogynistic comment on V Live? Truth behind controversy as fans blame mistranslation
Xiaojun's V Live caused a buzz for a mistranslation that went viral (Xiaojun Instagram)

WayV fans have come to show support for WayV star Xiaojun after his recent V Live comment made a buzz on social and some viewers claimed it was 'racist'. WayV fans have taken to social media to clarify that it was a mistranslation that caused the nuisance and SM Entertainment’s K-pop star’s comment. 

Recently, Xiaojun came to chat with his fans through V Live and started talking about the importance of vocal practice. A Twitter translation of a certain portion of the V Live suggested that the WayV star stated “A person must exercise their voice, so they don't sound weak like a woman.” The statement sparked criticism against the WayV star for passing such a misogynistic comment. Later, WayV fans rallied behind the star offering a better translation of the clip in an attempt to clear the controversy.

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WayV Star Xiaojun faced major criticism after his comment was perceived as misogynistic (Xiaojun Instagram)

Did Xiaojun make a misogynistic remark?

According to fan translations, the 22-year-old NCT star stated, “You really have to pamper your vocal cords like you’d pamper a woman…” He added to that saying, ‘How should I say this, you can’t pamper it to a point where it will be delicate and finicky. If it becomes finicky, every day it will say - I must- Ah I can’t do it, I have to go see a doctor.’ He argued, ‘Really, you can’t pamper it too much. So you have to pamper it but how should I say explain it to you, I feel like you must not pamper your voice, you must let it become stronger.”



Another user who translated the clips added, “He was talking about woman's vocal cords and how they SHOULD be pampered/spoiled but you shouldn't overdue it till it's fragile because he thinks it'll hurt your vocal cords, hence he added the part where he said you don't want them going to the hospital everyday because of throat hurting etc.”




Fan react

After a number of native Chinese-speaking fans rallied behind the WayV star to clear out his name and the misogynistic claims, fans took it to social media to urge fans to stop translating a language they aren’t familiar with. A fan stated, “Ok, now that xiaojun is cleared. how about we international fans try not to translate a language that we are not that familiar? mistranslation can cause a lot of bad things so please refrain from translating a certain languange if you are not a native speaker.” Another angry fan stated, “YOU RUINED XIAOJUN'S SEARCHES AND YOU LITERALLY CANCELLED HIM BECAUSE OF THE WRONG TRANSLATIONS??? YOU JUST RUINED TEN'S BIRTHDAY AND OFC THE DAY OF XJ TOO???”





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