'Kingdom' Episode 2: Ateez's Seonghwa claims performance is pay-per-view worthy, fans say 'teaser is intense'

In Episode 2 of 'Kingdom: legendary War', the K-pop groups look more formidable than ever. Winners of the first round will be announced too

                            'Kingdom' Episode 2: Ateez's Seonghwa claims performance is pay-per-view worthy, fans say 'teaser is intense'
Stray Kids amaze other K-pop groups with a stellar stage, the Boyz here to show why they are the winner of 'Road To Kingdom' (Mnet/YouTube)

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' has premiered its first episode on April 1 and the excitement for the competition is only rising with the six K-pop supergroups fighting for the crown. After a legendary introductory episode, the groups are competing for the first round with the theme 'to the world'. Here are all the spoilers for episode 2 coming on April 8.

Before we go to Episode 2, where the K-pop groups including Stray Kids, The Boyz, Ateez, SF9, BTOB, and iKon will be transforming a song to the theme 'To The World', here's a quick recap of what happened in Episode 1.

In the first episode of 'Kingdom: Legendary War', the six K-pop groups participated in 100-second performance stages and showed various techniques. Stray Kids performed their hit track 'Miroh' while Ateez put on a show with 'WAVE: Overture'. 'Road to Kingdom' winner The Boyz chose to do an iconic stage of 'The Stealer' and iKon performed on '리듬 타 (RHYTHM TA)'. BTOB flaunted their vocals with  'Beautiful Pain' 아름답고도 아프구나 and SF9 performed 'Good Guy The Glory.'


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Ateez Seonghwa shocked over a 'Kingdom' stage (Mnet/YouTube)


Episode 2 preview

In Episode 2 of 'Kingdom: Legendary War', the K-pop groups look more formidable than ever. The Boyz literally brings fire to the stage with daring stunts while Stray Kids amaze the K-pop groups with a stellar performance. In the preview clip, the K-pop acts are sharing their live expressions over each other's performance when Ateez's Seonghwa comments over a performance calling it pay-per-view worthy.  

BTOB’s Minhyuk gushes over another stage calling it “truly fiery”, and  SF9’s Inseong honestly admits, “It’s impossible to rank one of these performances over another.”

The second episode will also announce the winner of the first round 'to the world' where groups are competing with each other for 20000 points and it is anybody's game.

'Teaser is intense'

With the over one-minute preview making fans hyped for the second episode, viewers have commented how the show is bringing them closer to stan more K-pop groups which they didn't before. Others have also shown excitement over the episodes delivering true to the anticipation. A fan said, "I just finished rewatching kingdom aaaaaaah honestly im so excited abt the next ep 10/10 i see myself getting into btob hahshsbnddn and the more i see stray kids’ stage the better it is to me aaah pls i can’t wait for ep 2 is it thursday yet!"

Another viewer said, "The teaser for kingdom's ep 2 is so intense wth,, also SF9's outfits look BEAUTIFUL!" A fan said, "Beside ateez, im looking forward to btob and ikon kingdom ep 2 performance. esp btob, that preview btob minyuk (right?) with sword aaaaa that was freakin cool!"







Which group performance are you looking forward to watching the most? Tell us in the comments below. 'Kingdom: Legendary War' will return on April 8, 7.50 pm KST. Watch the preview here.


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