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Was Katy Perry's 'I Purple Heart You' on 'American Idol' a shout-out to BTS? ARMY's reaction sparks fandom war

Katy Perry's comment about BTS ARMY caused chaos on social media, however, some fans commented that she has never spoken against the Billboard Hot 100 topper group
Katy Perry says 'I Purple Heart You' on 'American Idol, BTS ARMY responds with mixed reactions (Getty Images/Bangtan TV YouTube)
Katy Perry says 'I Purple Heart You' on 'American Idol, BTS ARMY responds with mixed reactions (Getty Images/Bangtan TV YouTube)

Katy Perry recently made a BTS reference on 'American Idol' and BTS ARMY is not ready to let the bygones be bygones as they give a "hard pass" to Katy Perryโ€™s comment. BTS has a popular phrase which goes by "Borahae" which means "I Purple You", coined by BTS member Kim Tae-hyung aka V, and BTS ARMY believes that Katy Perryโ€™s "I purple heart you" was a reference to that.

While some viewers found the gesture to be endearing, BTS ARMY says that Katy Perry is "not welcome" after her comment about BTS ARMY being "kids" rubbed the fandom in the wrong way. The latest episode of 'American Idol' had quite a few BTS references. Along with Perryโ€™s comment, Anthony James Key first auditioned with 'Dynamite' and then went to teach all three judges of 'American Idol', his own rendition of BTS-inspired choreography!


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'American Idol' later uploaded another post, which shows Katy Perry talking about 'Dynamite'. "I purple heart you!" Perry shows some love to Anthony James Key after his performance of 'Dynamite' by BTS," the tweet said. 




BTS ARMYโ€™s reaction to Katy Perryโ€™s comment also caused a fan war where Katy Perry fans came to defend the โ€˜Fireworksโ€™ singer. Some also commented that the singer has never spoken against the Billboard Hot 100 topper group, but it is her comment about BTS ARMY, the fandoms, and its implied meaning that fans had an issue with.

A BTS ARMY wrote, โ€œUmmm, no Katy. I'm 52, and you need to know that it is "I purple you", but no: you don't purple us, we don't purple u.โ€ Another said, โ€œWe havenโ€™t forgotten what she did!โ€™ referring to the time when Katy Perry called BTS fans โ€˜kidsโ€™. Another user wrote, โ€œarmys stop being embarrassing and trying to gatekeep a color will you!โ€ A fan wrote, how dare you use the color purple when you so blatantly fail to acknowledge the work of the artist for whom purple means so much. Shame on you!โ€ Another said, โ€œShe called army a bunch of kids who need a bedtime... no thank you!โ€ to which a user replied, โ€œShe didn't. That joke's been running since Teenage Dream. And even if she did, she was right.โ€ A fan said, โ€œhello im an army and if you really are not kids i expect you shouldn't be here dragging katy perry, stop embarrassing bts over a harmless joke and act mature because katy perry always said that to her own concerts (its a inside fandom joke)โ€.








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