‘Island’ Full Cast List: Meet Cha Eun-woo, Kim Nam-gil and Seo Ye-ji from OCN's K-drama

‘Island’ Full Cast List: Meet Cha Eun-woo, Kim Nam-gil and Seo Ye-ji from OCN's K-drama
Kim Nam Gil, Seo Yeji, Cha Eun-woo to star in 'Island' (Getty Images, Apan, Cha Eun-woo/Instagram)

Astro’s Cha Eun-woo fans have something to look forward to all through the year. The 24-year-old K-drama star reportedly confirmed to be a part of OCN drama ‘Island’ along with Kim Nam-gil and Seo Ye-ji. The drama has teased a dark theme and fans are excited to explore a new dimension of the ‘True Beauty’ star’s repertoire.

The upcoming drama ‘Island’ will portray the story of a man who spends a solitary life in an incessant loop to chase the evil spirits of the human world. In his quest, he meets a woman who has also faced a tragic fate. The lead of the series has been confirmed to be played by Kim Nam-gil and Seo Ye-ji.


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Kim Nam-gil

Award-winning K-drama star Kim Nam-gil, known for television series such as ‘The Fiery Priest’, will play the male protagonist Van who is on his quest to chase the evil spirits stuck in the human world. Van will reach Jeju Island where the evil spirits run free and meet Won Mi Ho, played by Seo Ye-ji, who is banished on the island and works as a high school ethics teacher.


Kim Nam Gil plays Van in 'Island' (Getty Images)

Seo Ye-ji

Princess Sookmyung of ‘Hwarang’, Seo Ye-ji will play the female lead Won Min Ho, who her father banished in Jeju Island. Seo Ye Ji has starred in over ten television series and movies and some of her famous works include ‘It's Okay to Not Be Okay’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Lawless Lawyer’ ‘Hwarang’, and more.


Seo Ye-ji plays Won Min Ho in 'Island' (Apan/Instagram)



Cha Eun-woo

‘True Beauty’ famed Astro Cha Eun-woo is back with another K-drama but this time, the K-pop star is gearing up to play a dark character of a priest. Eun-woo will play the role of Kang Chan Hyuk, one of the main characters of the drama, a young priest of New York. The bright priest has a past that is hidden from public knowledge. 



Directed by Bae Jong, the drama will also have ‘Run On’ famed Im Si-wan as one of the main characters.


While the date of the drama premiere hasn't been announced yet, fans are looking forward to checking out the new offering of OCN. Keep an eye on this space for all the latest K-drama updates.

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