Loona drop 'Star' music video, K-pop fans call it a 'masterpiece' despite missing Haseul

Loona drop 'Star' music video, K-pop fans call it a 'masterpiece' despite missing Haseul
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Loona, the globally-loved K-pop girl group, have just dropped an official music video for their new single 'Star'. The music video will hit YouTube at different timezones so keep your heads on a swivel for its release in your country.

A few minutes before its release, Loona made the announcement on their social media. "[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) 'Star' LOOПΔ "Star" Music Video 2020.11.18 pm12 (KST) Release #이달의소녀 #LOONA #LOONA_STAR #Midnight #Star," the wrote on Instagram, along with a screenshot of the official 'Star' visual. 12 pm KST on November 18 translates to 9 pm CST on November 17. Check out their announcement by clicking here and watch the music video below.

Fans have been quick to flood the comments section on YouTube with their excitement. "Star really is such a good song I'm so happy it has an MV," said a fan while another wrote, "This is a masterpiece and better than I could have imagine. LOONA ate this up!!" One fan wrote, "Fun Fact: Every part in this mv, is aesthetic and can be used for profile picture." Another fan said, "3 MVs in less than a year, im crying, we don't deserve you guys:( Stan LOONA for a better life." "The only sad thing about this is Haseul couldn’t be here in this PERFECTION in video form," added another fan.

As noted by the aforementioned fan, longtime Loona member HaSeul is not featured in the 'Star' video. She has spent the year on hiatus due to issues with recurring anxiety. HaSeul was meant to make an appearance on the group's comeback mini-album '12:00', but the singer has been prohibited from the album's promotions due to her ongoing health issues. The record released on October 19. In a statement shared by Allkpop last month, member Hyunjin reassured fans that HaSeul will still remain a critical member of the band. "Haseul often sends us encouraging messages, and she bought us beverages while we were practicing, which also brightened up the mood," Hyunjin said, adding, "We want you to know that LOONA is twelve members - no matter when or where."

Loona's new mini-album and the lead track 'Why Not?' has still received much love and praise from fans after its release. The group has returned the support with recorded thank-you video messages for their fans to show how much their love means to them. Songs on '12:00' include the title track at number one, 'Why Not?', 'Voice', 'Fall Again', 'Universe', 'Hide & Seek' and 'Star'.


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