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BTS 'Butter' Vlive: Taehyung takes charge of 'cuteness' with his perm, ARMY wants JK to get a real piercing

Just when you thought BTS 'Butter' day could't get anymore happening, the biggest boy band in the world chose to come to Vlive to share happiness with the ARMY
UPDATED MAY 28, 2021
BTS in BTS 'Butter' special Vlive (Vlive/ BTS Twitter)
BTS in BTS 'Butter' special Vlive (Vlive/ BTS Twitter)

Just when you thought BTS 'Butter' day could't get anymore happening, the biggest boy band in the world chose to come to Vlive to share happiness with the ARMY and gift the fandom a sea of more adorable moments to add to their archives. BTS V, earlier in a press conference, admitted that he was in charge of cuteness and the 25-year-old heartthrob lived up to the claims, making ARMY fawn over his newly done perms.

In the playful 'V Live' session for BTS 'Butter', BTS ARMY catches Jungkook adding a number of forks to Taehyung's cute perm, making a fork crown as the group plays 'Butter' themed Jenga and receives a penalty if they fail to fulfill any task written on the Jenga blocks.


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BTS V for 'Butter' press conference (Big Hit Music)

BTS V admits he in charge of 'cuteness'

BTS V has given a double heart attack to BTS ARMY on 'Butter' day, first by his sensuous moves in the music video, followed by his extra cute perms for the press conference. In the press conference, V declared that lately he has been the one in charge of cuteness, hence he took the decision of adding perms but he was sad that it was revealed way too soon. Jin said that V's perm, which looks as cute as a puddle, was the biggest topic of discussion.

The chaotic V Live with BTS for 'Butter' (V Live)

Jungkook adds a fork crown to Tae's hair while the members play chaotic Jenga

When BTS comes to a Vlive together, it is mostly chaotic and the 'Butter' one was no different. Tae fluffs up his hair to show how he looks when he wakes up in the morning and Jungkook playfully adds a bunch of forks to his hair. In the Jenga game, Taehyung gets the penalty of cooking something with 'Butter' as he assures ARMY that he will upload a picture of that through Twitter. Jin and Suga get the penalty of being ending fairies for ten seconds and come closer to the screen to enact being 'ending fairies'.



BTS Vlive for 'Butter' (BTS Twitter)

BTS ARMY while already fawning over the first attack of the day, 'Butter', gushed how much they loved the chaotic Vlive. An ARMY said, "And here comes Forktan Sonyeondan .... Please Jk was enjoying so much putting these forks in Tae's hair and then all of them ended up putting fork onto their hair BTS BUTTER!" Another ARMY gushed, "Today's Vlive in short: JK creating a literal yellow fork sprout on Tae's head JK lagging Chim randomly throwing out the papers of dares/punishment Jin & Hope laughing their lungs out RM being spilled on yellow nail paint by Chim Suga being Suga!"



Jungkook's piercing was a sticker that goes to Tae's nose

While the chaotic Vlive was a delight, JK fans are heartbroken after finding out that JK's piercing was fake, and only a sticker that Taehyung added to his nose. An ARMY said, "I see what happened, Jk cut his hair cause the whole tattooed arm plus piercing (even if it’s fake) and long hair would have been TOO lethal, thanks for letting me live!" Another JK fan adds, "JUNGKOOK TAKING OFF HIS FAKE EYEBROW PIERCING BYEEEEEEE IM SO SAD!" A fan manifested, "JK giving Tae his stones and then Tae making a nose piercing is sooo cute what ???? [Tae should definitely get a nose piercing cause DAMN!"




Meanwhile BTS' second English single 'Butter' has already broken YouTube records by reaching 10 million views in 13 minutes, and almost 50 million views within 5 hours. As BTS ARMY waits for more records that were set with 'Dynamite' to be broken, the Bangtan boys are also wishing to get another Billboard Hot 100. Stream the stunning music video here.