Respect Justin Bieber trend is slammed after 'Anyone' video gets temporarily pulled from YouTube

Justin Bieber's fans felt the fact that the music video had been put under review for violation and was taken down completely was insane

                            Respect Justin Bieber trend is slammed after 'Anyone' video gets temporarily pulled from YouTube
Justin Bieber (Getty Images)

It's anyone's guess what calls for the removal of certain videos from YouTube and the popular streaming site has now angered a lot of fans and followers when they deleted Justin Bieber's 'Anyone'. Around midnight on January 8, 2021, YouTube took off the official visual for Bieber's new song, leaving fans in a tailspin as to why it happened and what's additionally bizarre is that YouTube retracted the removal and put it back around in an hour.

Bieber, 26, debuted the Colin Tilley-directed music video after his New Year's Eve concert at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The official 'Anyone' clip features the singer as a boxer and is a nod to the 'Rocky' series of films where he is seen training at home, drinking a glass of raw eggs and preparing for the ring at a gym with his trainer. The video also features 'Before I Fall' star Zoey Deutch as Bieber's love interest who supports him on his boxing journey.


Although Bieber has seen his new project as inspirational, saying, "'Anyone' is such a special, hopeful, anthemic song. It sets the tone for a brighter new year full of hope and possibility," it looks like officials at YouTube do not share the same sentiment and have deemed the music video offensive in some way. Their reason: "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.


Apart from a shirtless Bieber, mild non-sexual intimacy with his co-star, and a few bruises and cuts while boxing, the 'Anyone' music video is obviously tame compared to a lot of the music videos on YouTube. As far as it being spam, deceptive or a form of scam, much needs to be explained, especially considering the video began getting numerous views since its premiere and Bieber is one of the most famous pop stars. Fans will need answers.



Fans were quick to share their ire over the deletion. "Wait what!?? @justinbieber #Anyone #AnyoneVideo," wrote a fan in disbelief while another said, "anyone was deleted, probably reported till they removed it, we need to get this mv back @scooterbraun @justinbieber @thatrygood @AllisonKaye." One fan wrote, "Ma daily routine is streaming all new content and MV of @5ecretNumberand @justinbieber. And I just realized #Anyone MV's is gone U can see at Deleted Video by ss of list Music Videos N ma friend talk abt some h4t3s tweeted Like how the f!?"

One fan wanted to pull together others to demand the video's return: "This is trending let's go!! RESPECT JUSTIN [email protected] give back Anyone mv by Justin Bieber back!" Another fan noted, "[email protected] how does a video that portrays the message of strength, guidance, and realization violate ur policy? Anyone by Justin Bieber was put out to spread a positive message. the fact that it’s been put under review for violation and taken down completely is insane."

"I finally watched @justinbieber Anyone and omg its so beautiful I loved the nods to the Rocky franchise! The music is also absolutely amazing and honestly, I think it's my favorite current JB song! Well done, Biebs!," shared another fan before the delete.

But now that the video is back, fans will still need an explanation as to why it was removed from the site in the first place. Bieber hasn't commented as yet to this little hitch. 







However, other Twitter users were soon to hit back at Bieber fans and said that there would have been no movement if it was for a Black artist: "RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER is trending but I think it’s still ridiculous some of y’all don’t fight this hard for Black artists in the pop industry." Another recalled his feud with Taylor Swift: "how do you expect me to 'RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER' when he literally told millions that Taylor was 'playing the victim' when all she wanted was to own her masters?"



Another wrote: "RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER no i will not respect a [email protected] piece of s**t." Still another user posed as Santa and said: "Don't respect Justin Bieber. I've had to write his name in the naughty list too many times." Another chimed in: "Chile lemme to back to sleep talking about RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER. It's too early for this s**t".




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