Jungkook reveals electric blue hair after BTS' MTV Unplugged 'Blue and Grey' act, Army wants 'JJK1 music video'

Jungkook reveals electric blue hair after BTS' MTV Unplugged 'Blue and Grey' act, Army wants 'JJK1 music video'
Jungkook's hair is now an electric blue and the BTS Army is losing its mind (BTS Twitter)

Being a Jungkook stan isn’t easy and we fully sympathize with everything Jungkook stans go through almost every month! After the Grammy-nominated BTS vocalist gifted Army a gorgeous shade of golden blonde and silver grey, the 24-year-old Billboard Hot 100 topper has shifted to an electric shade of blue after the group’s first ever ‘Blue and Grey’ performance aired on MTV Unplugged Presents. Is BTS shooting a new music video or is it for their Grammy performance? BTS Army has tons of questions.

Jungkook’s hair has a different fan-base all together and while they couldn’t fully fathom the beauty of Jungkook’s full blonde hair, the ‘My Time’ crooner has notched it up a little higher with a shade of the electric Blue. After the ‘Euphoria’ crooner posted the picture through Twitter, here’s what the BTS ARMY had to say.


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Is BTS shooting for a new music video?

 After BTS’ golden maknae aka Jeon Jungkook posted the mirror selfie from their iconic practice room, BTS ARMY had one question, are they shooting a new music video already? Does that mean, another comeback is on the horizon? Or is it for Jungkook’s music video? A fan said, "jungkook dyed his hair 3times in this year, he surprised us with his blonde hair, then attacked us with his grey hair and now he broke the internet because of his blue hiar??! you know what is coming?? JJK1! i won't be surprised if his next tweet is link to his mixtape!"  Another said, “JJK1 DROPPING AT 12 AM KST AND TITLE TRACK’S MUSIC VIDEO IS STARRING BLUE HAIR JUNGKOOK THE CODE HAS BEEN CRACKED!” Another fan suggested, “Don’t let this distract you for the fact that jungkook is in the practice room so there can be two reasons: 1. He’s dropping his mixtape and it’s coming with a music video with choreography so he’s practicing for that 2. OT7 GRAMMY PERFORMANCE!”







‘Blue Hair Supremacy’

BTS has a signature Blue Hair clan where a number of members have dyed their hair blue at least once. A fan said, “I believe in tannies blue hair supremacy!” Another said, “welcome to the club!”  Another said, "Jungkook said stream blue and grey!"



BTS performed their first ever 'MTV Unplugged Presents' on February 23 where they performed the never-heard-before versions of 'BE' tracks 'Telepathy', 'Blue and Grey' along with a cover of Coldplay's 'Fix You' and their 'Life Goes On', plus Grammy-nominated 'Dynamite'. Watch some of the iconic unplugged performances here



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