Was BTS' V depressed while writing 'Blue and Grey'? Kim Tae-hyung fans 'literally cried' after Weverse interview

The ‘Sweet Night’ crooner shared, 'I wrote Blue & Grey when I was at my lowest point, when I was actually asking whether I could keep going with my work or not'

                            Was BTS' V depressed while writing 'Blue and Grey'? Kim Tae-hyung fans 'literally cried' after Weverse interview
BTS V (Big Hit Entertainment)

Since the release of ‘BE’, BTS have been constantly making the fans emotional by sharing their innermost thoughts through the album and interviews, and this time, BTS V shared his close personal truth through a Weverse magazine interview published on Wednesday, November 25.

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung has recently received worldwide appreciation for his beautiful song ‘Blue and Grey’ where the vocalist translated his most vulnerable thoughts through bluesy rhythm and a lush ballad, conveying the raw emotions with top-notch artistry. This time, he has opened up behind the heartwrenching song’s making process with an honest admission, that all the feelings reflected came from his personal experience where he felt, he could not go any more.

The ‘Sweet Night’ crooner shared, “I wrote 'Blue & Grey' when I was at my lowest point, when I was actually asking whether I could keep going with my work or not. Even the fun parts of work became a chore, and my whole life felt aimless. 'Where do I go from here? I can’t even see the end of the tunnel.' Those kinds of thoughts hit me hard.”



Speaking of the extreme pressure that he was going through, he shared, “I’m an easygoing, you know, laid-back person, but I was stretched too thin and I was starting to sputter. What I mean is, I was having a really tough time, and thinking, “What’s waiting for me at the end? It’s important to be successful, but I’m also trying to be happy, so how come I’m not happy right now?” That’s when I started to write 'Blue & Grey.'”



The ‘Winter Bear’ maker has also shared that the only way to beat the feeling of ‘Blue and Grey’ was to “took care of that feeling by constantly writing it down in my notes. I just kept writing everything down, and when finally I felt like I wanted to try writing a song, I did. After the song was finished, I felt a sense of accomplishment, and that’s how I was able to let go of 'Blue & Grey.' That was one way I wanted to try getting over my problem.”

Speaking directly through the lyrics quite literally, the singer shared, “When I’m stuck thinking like this, everything is grey, and I’m all blue. I wrote these feelings out as a song, and now that I’m thinking about it again, I’m actually over it. I feel a lot lighter. I sent my words out into the air, and now I fall asleep at dawn. You’re supposed to sleep at night, but I’m sleeping in the morning again. So I say 'good night', but it’s not actually a good night. I pass out because I’m exhausted” kind of thing. It’s the emotions I felt in those moments that I wanted to express.”

V has always been the most active member in Weverse, Big Hit Entertainment’s social media app where he comes to comfort his fans, armys. V shared that he wanted to provide not just mere words of "cheering up", rather a compassionate ear to everyone who is going through something. He said, “rather than just some stranger telling them to cheer up, I think it’s better to say something like, 'You seem depressed lately,' or, 'Seems like these days it’s tough for you to perk up.' 'Blue & Grey' is the same: 'You’re depressed lately? Me too. We’re in the same boat. Wanna talk about how you’re feeling? You wanna feel better, right? I know, but sometimes it feels like you’re being washed away by a whirlpool of stress.' I want the listeners to hear me saying that to them.”



The BTS Army is extremely overwhelmed at this ‘BE’ era where the singers aren’t trying to preach mere words of comfort but embracing the feelings with acceptance as ‘Life Goes On’.

A fan shared, “Tae was so vulnerable in his weverse interview. I love how honest he was about his feelings & thoughts. Knowing the process of writing Blue & Grey in more detail was so nice. He really made me feel like I'm not alone.” Another said, “in all seriousness, i legitimately teared up reading taehyung's weverse mag interview he's an angel who's going through so much himself yet he always thinks about us and on how to comfort us during these difficult times :( blue & grey hits even harder now sobs i love him to death.” Followed by a fan’s tweet, “Tae’s interview on Weverse made me emotional af…”

Another fan shared, “If you didn’t read his Weverse interview, please do. This man. He lives and breathes nothing but raw, sincere, emotion.” A sentimental tweet read, “I’m emotional now! He is everything to me.” And a fan said, "I literally cried after reading this interview."













A Taehyung fan base stated, “The only takeaway emotion you should have from Taehyung’s interview is pride. Proud of him for penning down his most haunting thoughts into a song so others too can see that light at the end of the tunnel. Blue & Grey is one of the most understanding songs ever created.”


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