July 4 fireworks slammed for triggering PTSD and scaring animals, Internet asks 'when will people ever care?'

Many offered alternatives to fireworks and said people could put up a laser show instead and save animals and PTSD patients from the loud fireworks

                            July 4 fireworks slammed for triggering PTSD and scaring animals, Internet asks 'when will people ever care?'
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The fourth of July required social distancing this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that continues to threaten lives. However, people still celebrated the day with virtual events showing live fireworks. This Independence Day was somewhat somber as America continues to reel from many protests demanding racial justice. In the wake of all this, the internet called for a stop on firework display as it is bad for the environment, PTSD as well as pets.

"It’s not that I don’t like an occasional fireworks display (I’m fun!) but like, how can someone love America right now more than they love dogs?" wrote one user. This is not a new debate and it does surface up when fireworks are being used in large amounts. Most dogs are terrified of the loud sounds and while some hide, some also seem to show a change in their behavior. Pet owners have said that loud noises can petrify their animals and even cause trauma. People have also brought up other pets like cats, who hide indefinitely, and rabbits that have died due to the shock of the loud fireworks. "God when will people care about the ANIMALS, ENVIRONMENT, F****** HUMANS???! Stop the damn fireworks."

Amid these comments, many also brought up the fact that people also suffer from a medical condition called post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Many veterans and refugees suffer from this due to traumatic events such as war. "To all the veterans suffering from PTSD right now, sorry the country you fought for is so f****** stupid. #fireworks #July4th #BayArea," wrote one user. Another added, "Americans never shut up about 'support our troops and veterans' but will set on fireworks, which cause ptsd, ignore the homeless veterans and ignore vanessa guillen.Stop saying you care about veterans and troops if you’re going to actively ignore the issues that impact them."

Some even offered solutions, "Dogs and veterans with PTSD. We honestly could probably do sick laser shows instead of fireworks." Another user tweeted some suggestions for pet parents, "Please ask your vet about Xanax. It helped my German Shepherd immensely. He took two 1mg pills a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Your vet might prescribe as well. Also helped with thunderstorms."

Twitter continued to riot against the fireworks, as some claimed there were "just too much for a dying country, and too loud for a shameless country!" Another Twitter user wrote, "LA sounds like WWIII right now. Go back inside and bake bread or watch a Netflix episode like the rest of us damnit!" with another user replying, "I stg thereve been wayyyyy more illegal fireworks this year thsn before. Sounding like WWIII."

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