Julianne Hough shows off her dance moves in workout session video with hubby Brooks Laich

Dancer Julianne Hough posted the cute video on Instagram showing her at the gym with her NHL star husband Brooks Laich

                            Julianne Hough shows off her dance moves in workout session video with hubby Brooks Laich
Julianne Hough (Source:Getty Images)

When you think of adorable celebrity couple moments, you probably think of elaborate proposals or mentions during award shows. It’s time to add workout sessions to that list. Dancer Julianne Hough just posted a cute video on Instagram of her time at the gym with her NHL star husband Brooks Laich.

In the video, Brooks is seen doing weighted squats diligently while Julianne performs a hilarious dance routine behind him. She ends the routine by patting her hubby’s butt. The post is captioned: “Brooks: ‘Wanna do a workout with me today, babe?’ Me: ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’ 15 minutes later...” The two really know how to have fun with each other — true couple goals.

Fans sure were gushing over the adorable duo. One fan commented, “Omg, this is the best thing on the internet!” Another wrote, “Jesus Lord Almighty! You two are adorable.” Another commented, “Haha. Omg, I need this kind of relationship."

Though Julianne shows off her silly side in this video, she is actually extremely dedicated to her fitness. She opened about her workout sessions to US Weekly earlier this May. She said: “For strength training, I’m all about using your own body weight or smaller weights, 3 or 5-pound weights, and doing ankle and wrist weights. I am a big believer in doing lots of reps. I think that creates a lean, strong body. For me, I like to have flexibility and mobility.” 

This is also not the first time the two have decided to get their work out on together. They are actually partners in crime in this area of their life. They both love to stay fit, and they both push each other to stay active.

Julianne told US Weekly: “We love to do anything active and adventurous together. We go hiking and biking. We want to go rock climbing together. We really just try to find as much to do as possible to stay active, to move, to get good energy flow. That’s important to us every single day.” 

Julianne even posted a video on Instagram of the two embarking on a rather strenuous hike in the boiling heat. She seemed to be lagging behind and catching up on her breath, but she didn’t fail to mention how much she loves her husband. She captioned the video, “@brookslaich I’d follow you anywhere! Even through 107 degree heat to find the best fishing spot! #adventurebuddy #travel #thatoutfittho.”

The actress, who designed a capsule collection for athletic wear line MPG Sport, is a complete health fanatic. Along with regular workouts, she makes sure to eat extremely healthy by eating starches like sweet potato along with her daily dose of meat and vegetables. “I think when you deprive yourself of carbs, that’s when you crave pasta and pizza and all those things,” she said. “I thought carbs were my enemy, but they’re actually my best friend.”

The couple tied the knot on July 8, 2017. It was a romantic outdoor wedding in Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where Hough spent summer holidays growing up. Julianne told People, “When I introduced Brooks to the lake, he fell in love with this special spot, and we knew this was where we wanted to raise our family and grow old together. It just felt right to be married here.”

The two really wanted an outdoor ceremony, as nature is a big part of both of them. “It was really important to me that we had our ceremony outdoors,” said Brooks. “Julianne and I are very adventurous and free, and wanted the setting to be in nature.” It seems like their love of nature has persisted even now, as they are often seen exploring the outdoors.

Julianne also revealed that her favorite part of the ceremony was kissing Brooks as his wife for the first time with confetti cannons exploding around them. “Brooks and I kept eye contact the entire ceremony,” she said. “I couldn’t stop crying all weekend and most people [thought] I would have cried during the entire ceremony, but instead I was just so excited and ready to celebrate!”

The two had a picture-perfect wedding a year ago, and it seems like their honeymoon phase is still going on. Julianne’s Instagram is filled with heart-warming pictures of the couple, and the captions are even more gush-worthy. At the same time, the two are often seen goofing around and having fun with each other or social media. On May 21, Julianne posted a black-and-white picture with her husband in Paris.

The two were staring into each other’s eyes. Julianne sat on a wall wearing a beautiful strapless dress, while Brooks stood nearby in a sleek tux. She captioned the picture, “My very favorite view.” The couple really seem to be deeply in love, and they sure aren't afraid to show the world.