Julia Roberts is finally on Instagram! Here's who she should learn the game from and who she should avoid

Julia Roberts is finally on Instagram! Here's who she should learn the game from and who she should avoid
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America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts made a huge leap of faith recently - she decided to join Instagram. She's now officially up to date with everything 2018, along with stars like Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise, Princess Eugenie, Nicole Kidman and Michael J. Fox, who also decided to get social media savvy this year. The actor's profile currently has 535K followers and counting with just two pictures.

Her first post was of the 50-year-old flashing her Mona Lisa smile along with a caption that says, "Hello ☀️". She appears to be just chilling on the grass in a lovely black sweater and cut-off shorts while her second post was perhaps an indication of the vibe she wanted to give out. Along with her pal, celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart, the 'Eat Pray Love' actor sported a tee that said, "You can't make everyone happy. You are not an avocado." Damn right, Julie. 

While all this is well and good, we know that in the world we live in, your Instagram account can become your identity and just saying, "Human" in your bio doesn't cut it. You need to follow the right people and post the right things. If you argue that it's not true, you dear friend, need to step out of the rock you're living under. Since Julia made the choice to step in only now, she's got plenty of inspiration. But first, she should perhaps turn on the comment option - you can't come into this game if you're going to be terrified of haters. Well, we give Julia a heads up before she heads full time into Instagram waters.


The Inspirations

The first person Roberts must take inspiration from is the queen of social media herself - Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy's feed doesn't just feature her amazing husband John Legend and her beautiful kids but also some really great relatable jokes and trolls. We've never really seen the real Julia the way we have been acquainted with Chrissy - it would be absolutely revolutionary if Julia followed suit. Take a cue and post some really cool recipes with cooler captions and pretty please, clap back at haters!  Chrissy's Insta vibe is cool as a cucumber.

Next up, if you're going to be an Instagram star you must know how to drop bombs and who better to inspire Roberts than our very own Queen B. Remember the time she shocked everyone with the news of her babies? Julia should definitely learn from this shocker of a singer. While we all know that Beyonce uses her Insta as a public relations tool more than anything and controls the aesthetic down to every tiny detail, it does work. She didn't become a queen just because of album sales, she also believes she is the Empress. Other than these two factors, Julia should totally try the grid posts - they are amazing. 


The next one that Roberts should totally lookup is a package gift - the super witty Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The two troll each other, show support as well as say what they need to say while keeping everything super fashionable. Blake especially excels at this. Elaborate cupcakes, wine n' dine, how to wear Lorraine Schwartz right and making fun of Ryan Reynolds? Hell yes! Blake does it right. Ryan's Insta too, screams hilarious. There's jokes, jokes, and some more jokes. Another celeb that would give off these vibes? Yes, please. 

Amy Schumer is just Amy Schumer and that should be reason enough for Roberts to totally scour her Insta for pointers. Her 'gram is a perfect balance between jokes, woke af posts, pooch pics and some really cool BTS from every show she is seen at. 

Coming to the woman who made it to the top thanks to reality TV, Kim Kardashian should also be on the list of Instagrammers she should take tips from. It could also be an eye opener for Julia, who could use Kim's wisdom to catch up with the world of today. Who knows, she may just find some useful baking tips from the creator herself! And since we are on the topic of Kim's Insta, it also wouldn't hurt to see Robert's covetable closet. 


Just kidding Julia, don't fall into the Kardashian trap.  

The Instagram snoozes 

Now that we have covered who Julie Robs can be inspired by, let's talk about the Instagrammers she shouldn't vibe with, on social media only, of course. 

Tom Cruise, who is also new to Instagram like Roberts is the number one on the snooze list. Why would you post about your films constantly? We get the fact that you have plenty of work to do suddenly but it's such a bore when that's all you post! Roberts should definitely stay away from this social media advertising for sure. If fans would want to see trailers and poster, there are websites for that sorta thing. Absolute no, especially for a newbie. 

The next worst vibe to have is from Jessica Alba, unfortunately. While we love the actress and entrepreneur, an Instagram feed filled with too many baby shots and beauty products gets too old, too fast. Jess takes it too far with a feed cluttered with baby pics and quotes. An inspirational quote once in a while is pretty alright and so is sharing your happiness with the world, but, too much of everything becomes unbearable. 


As a fan, an Instagram account of your favorite celebrity is often like a peek into their world. While oversharing is forbidden one must also not under-share. Candids are great, as long as you know what you're doing. Refer Chrissy Teigen. Since Julia is just stepping into the Instagram world, her fans would look at it like a whole new peek into their favorite star's life. Julia should not be another Kylie Minogue. Too many airbrushed pics equals eye-rolls. 

Julia is no basic white girl but in the age of digital reincarnations who knows what could happen. Julia should stay far away from having an Insta like Taylor Swift's - cats (or dogs for that matter), look-at-me-I'm-so-cool pouts and more of the same pictures.   

No one likes an Instagram like Justin Bieber's. Why? There's plenty of reasons, but mostly, there's too much of wealth-flaunting involved. Enough said. 


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