Juice WRLD 'Already Dead' Fan Review: Single breaks Internet but title 'insensitive AF'

Juice WRLD on the new song wrote about heartbreak and substance abuse focusing on the problem that occur when both are mixed

                            Juice WRLD 'Already Dead' Fan Review: Single breaks Internet but title 'insensitive AF'
Juice WRLD on the cover art of 'Already Dead' (Photo by [email protected])

Out of the many new Friday releases, Juice WRLD’s single ‘Already Dead’ too made noise on the Internet. The song is part of the rapper’s second posthumous album 'Fighting Demons' which is scheduled to hit leading streaming platforms on December 10, 2021. The song serves as the very first promotional single from the upcoming album and was first previewed on Juice’s Instagram in late 2018.
Juice WRLD’s new single ‘Already Dead’ got thumbs up from music lovers but was slammed for its insensitive title. Many social media users took to Twitter to express their ire. Juice WRLD on the new song wrote about heartbreak and substance abuse focusing on the problem that occur when both are mixed. The rapper, whose real name was Jarad Anthony Higgins, died tragically at the age of 21 after an overdose at Chicago's Midway International Airport on December 8, 2019.
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Juice WRLD’s new posthumous single 'Already Dead' breaks the Internet

Juice WRLD’s crew 999 Club shared the official cover art on their Instagram account that sees a pencil drawing of the rapper on a notebook. On the intro of the song, the late rapper spits, “You can see the pain in my laugh (Yeah, yeah)/ Demons comin' back from the past (Yeah, yeah)/ Feelin' like I'm 'bout to relapse (Yeah, yeah)/ Voices in my head (Yeah, yeah).”  He then raps in the first verse, “I've been taking medicine again (Yeah, yeah)/Henny, mix it with the Vicodin (Yeah, yeah)/ All my sufferin' (Yeah)/ Is really gettin' under my skin (Yeah)/ Maybe I should try to pray again (Yeah, yeah).”

'Fighting Demons' is a follow-up to Juice's first posthumous record titled ‘Legends Never Die’ that was released in July 2020 through Grade A Productions. The rapper’s new album will be his fourth full-length project overall. While sharing the official trailer of 'Fighting Demons', Juice’s mother Carmela Wallace and Grade A Productions wrote in a statement underneath the album teaser on YouTube, “There was nothing Jarad “Juice WRLD” Higgins enjoyed more than delivering new music to his millions of fans around the world. He left behind an astonishingly deep catalog of music that will ensure his fans will have new songs to listen to for years to come.”

The statement continued, “Jarad was always searingly honest about his struggles and through his musical genius he articulated what was on his heart and mind vividly through his art. He never gave up and had many loved ones and friends around him who never gave up on offering their support to him. Today we announce that we will commemorate his upcoming birthday with a new album ‘Fighting Demons’ on Dec 10th.” The post concluded, “We encourage all of you who struggle with addiction and mental illness to never give up the fight. We continue to extend free support to you via the fund created in his honor: LiveFree999.org”.






‘The title insensitive ASF’, claims Twitter

The fans of Juice WRLD took to Twitter to talk about late rapper’s new single. “Dat boy was predicting his future,” said one fan as another similarly shared, “If this is him predicting his death I will literally question life RN.” One person tweeted, “The title wrong af idk im mad when i opened up my Spotify and see that title with juice face on it.” The next one posted, “This don't hit the same without him here fr.” Meanwhile, one asserted, “The title ain’t it. Poor choice.” Echoing similar sentiments, another individual added, “The title insensitive asf.” And, one concluded, “I wish juice wrld was here to see how passionate the comm is over him, he seemed like such a great person, we miss ya juice, stream Already Dead!”















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