'Riverdale' Season 5: Who is Jughead Jones' live-in girlfriend? A look at his love life after 7-year time jump

Casting call reveals a live-in girlfriend, and it's not our favorite Betty Cooper!

                            'Riverdale' Season 5: Who is Jughead Jones' live-in girlfriend? A look at his love life after 7-year time jump
Jughead Jones (The CW)

Spoilers for 'Riverdale' Season 5

Forsythe Pendleton Jones III aka Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is one of the most alluring characters on The CW's 'Riverdale'. His character narrative is one of the best as well — he's the son of FP Jones, a former Southside Serpent King, he later became one himself. He's had a long relationship with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and the two share a half brother named Charles Smith.

Smith is the child of FP, Jughead's father, and Alice Cooper, Betty's mother. Jughead is also an incredible writer, loves mysteries (he has solved many in Riverdales), and has an iconic hat to match his attitude. Even though Jughead has many layers to him, many fans can't help but focus on his love life. If you've watched 'Riverdale', then you'd know that even though it's the murder capital of the world, the relationships forged in the series bring entertaining drama.

The last season of the series saw Betty cheat on her lover and kiss Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), so we're for sure expecting an intense fall out between Betty and Jughead as well as Archie and Veronica. What's interesting though is that the upcoming Season 5 is also featuring a seven-year time jump with the characters and guess what... #Bughead, is no longer a thing!

A casting call from the series revealed that they are looking for an actress to play the role of Jughead's new girlfriend, Jessica. The call reads, "Female, 20s, Open ethnicity. A train-wreck-y hipster, Jessica is Jughead’s live-in girlfriend. Jessica makes no secret of the fact that she’s done with their relationship since she can see that she’s not as important to him as the book he’s not writing. RECURRING GUEST STAR."

So there we have it! Although, we have to say that it is quite interesting that it seems as though their relationship isn't a happy one. As a #Bughead fan, we're wondering if that means that there is a possibility that Betty and Jughead could become a thing in the future again? Of course, we don't know anything about where Betty is in the seven-year-jump, we can only hope she has some space for Jughead in her life.

Jughead has been through quite a few brief relationships, but Betty has been a constant. His love life in Season 5 seems to be getting hectic, as Jessica seems to be done with him. But, it is great to know that he's still writing, even though, according to Jessica, he's getting nowhere. We don't know exactly how Jessica as a character will pan out, but "train-wreck-y" does not seem to be Jughead's type.

Have you seen Betty? An organized, preppy, mystery-solving, article-writing angel! Yes, she has a dark side aka Dark Betty but that's something she and Jughead shared. In the series so far, our favorite mystery writer has kissed Veronica (let's not forget that bathtub scene), Ethel Muggs, Toni Topaz and, of course, our favorite Betty.

Now, it seems he chose the wrong girl to have settled with. It's great though because it means that there is more to be explored when it comes to Jughead's love life and we're all here for that! Catch 'Riverdale' Season 5 on January 20, 2021, on The CW.

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