Who is '90 Day Fiance' star Yolanda Leak's boyfriend Josh Seiter? All about former 'Bachelorette' contestant

Leak, 52, is dating 33-year-old Seiter who was on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of 'Bachelorette' and was eliminated during Week One. Here's all you need to know about him

                            Who is '90 Day Fiance' star Yolanda Leak's boyfriend Josh Seiter? All about former 'Bachelorette' contestant
Yolanda Leak (TLC)

Yolanda Leak's love life has seen a lot of ups and downs but it seems that it's all smooth sailing for her now as she and her new boyfriend Josh Seiter have been going gaga over each other on social media. Seiter is no stranger to the limelight and ardent Bachelorverse fans would remember him from Season 11 of 'Bachelorette' wherein he appeared as a suitor for Kaitlyn Bristowe. He was introduced as an exotic dancer and a law student on the show, but he couldn't make it past week one. He pretty much disappeared after that, only to reappear on Yolanda's Instagram page two weeks ago.

A quick scroll down her timeline shows a decent number of photos of Seiter and that is when the romance rumors started. Even though there are no photos of the two together, fans were convinced that there was something brewing between them and they couldn't help but ask if they were together. That was all that was needed for both Yolanda and Seiter to confirm that they indeed were together. A couple of followers doubted if they were really were truly in a relationship and in response to one such comment on Instagram, Yolanda wrote, “Yezzzzzzz," and Seiter too responded with an, "I am."

However, not everyone was impressed with their relationship as one criticized Yolanda, 52, for being "desperate" for 33-year-old Seiter. "Yolanda, Yolanda its hurting to the eyes to see you so desperate for young men with a one track mind. Get a guy your age, they have bank accounts with their own money," the user wrote while another commented, "Wtf is wrong with the women in these shows? Can’t they see it’s not real- this guy wants his 5 min of fame." A third user wrote, "Yolanda, don’t behave thirsty or advertise your personal business . Geez your to old for that behavior."

Seiter shut the haters down as he wrote, “@yolanda_90dayfiance haha every time they doubt us it just going to make it that much sweeter the look they’ll have on their faces," according to Cheat Sheet. So who is Josh Seiter and what else do we know about him? Seiter is a 2013 graduate from the Chicago-Kent College of Law and in an interview with Chicago Tribune, he'd mentioned that he was on that show only to promote his skills as an exotic dancer and not to find love. "It was mostly about kind of, like, exposure and getting my name out there more," Seiter had said. "That whole finding a wife thing to me was kind of a ludicrous idea."

He was also one of those people who went on to bash the show and its producers. He introduced himself to then 'Bachelorette' hopefuls Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson with a seductive dance but, in the interview, he insisted it was the producers who suggested the idea. He also said that a lot of his portions were slashed from the show including parts where he had conversations with both Kaitlyn and Britt. Later on, he went on to slam the show further saying, "No more shows like 'The Bachelorette,' where it's kind of like a circus show. I would never do that again."

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