How Jordyn Woods is reinventing herself after the Tristan Thompson scandal, one Instagram post at a time

Want to see a woman who has rebuilt herself? Check out Jordyn Woods' Instagram after the Tristan Thompson scandal broke and the subsequent fallout with the Kardashians

                            How Jordyn Woods is reinventing herself after the Tristan Thompson scandal, one Instagram post at a time
Jordyn Woods (Source : Getty Images)

Imagine waking up one morning and realizing that the entire world is against you, sleuthing you on social media and making you the recipient of all the harsh words under the sun. That is how Jordyn Woods' life took a turn when her cheating scandal broke last month. For those living under a rock, Jordyn Woods, who is Kylie Jenner's best friend (ex), was spotted at Tristan Thompson's house party, where he allegedly kissed her. Now, Tristan Thompson is Khloe Kardashian's (Kylie's step-sister) boyfriend and the father of Khloe's daughter, True Thompson. News on Tristan cheating on Khloe isn't anything new, but when Jordyn Woods involvement was reported, the internet blew off.

The 21-year-old model quickly became one of the most hated women for a day or two, and when she broke her silence, thanks to Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk,' the hashtag #TeamJordyn started trending. Explaining herself and the situation she had put herself in, the model shed some tears on the show and apologized. Soon after, she was active on Instagram, and within a week's time, Woods had reinvented herself, one Instagram post at a time.

At the time the scandal broke, Jordyn Woods's latest post was of her posing with her Cornrows hairstyle. Khloe Kardashian had commented saying "Baby girl". However, soon after, the post was flooded with brutal hate messages, calling Jordyn a "homewrecker" and "wh**re" among other things.

Jordyn Woods, who was as active on the social media platform as Kylie Jenner, went on a hiatus and days later, posted a story teasing followers with her appearance on Facebook Watch 'Red Table Talk'.

After the episode aired, and she regained her followers, in fact, scaled it up by a million, she resurfaced on the 'gram two weeks later and posted an inspirational caption with a glowing selfie while showing off her new bob hair cut: "If you’re reading this... it means God has given you another day to wake up and be grateful & better than you were yesterday."

Posting it on International Woman's Day, the caption talked about her recent life upheavals, as she battled public slander. The message, however, echoes till the last of Woods' post today as she has managed to not only rebuild herself but also reinvent.

Launching her eyelashes line, the model posted a plethora of picture advertising her product. "I am so excited to come to London next week to celebrate my @eylureofficial lash collection launching exclusively in @superdrug ❤️ All three lashes will be available in stores on the 25th of March!" she captioned a sultry sunkissed picture.

Another sultry post later, Woods was in London, dressed to the nines in fur and carrying a trendy Dior bag.

The comments now read " back and better than ever", "Life without Kylie looking golden as hell," etc, etc.

Establishing herself as a trendsetter, the next series of posts came with three images back to back, where she flaunted shades of brown in leather, sparkle and Louis Vuitton bag. "Let's make Jordyn a billionaire," the comments read and was liked over 4k times.

With her recent posts, again a series of three, Jordyn looks unrecognizable in blonde hair, proving that she, as a "blonde" woman now, is definitely having more fun. Smiling, walking, strutting, posing, sitting, Jordyn Woods has emerged from Kylie's shadow and is thriving all on her own. "Self-made", is how her fans are describing her. We concur!