HGTV's 'Property Brothers: Forever Home': How much money do Jonathan and Drew Scott make from their hit reno show?

With eight flourishing spin-offs of their hit franchise 'Property Brothers' and half a billion made last year alone, here's how much Jonathan and Drew are worth

                            HGTV's 'Property Brothers: Forever Home': How much money do Jonathan and Drew Scott make from their hit reno show?
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Identical twins Jonathan and Andrew (Drew) Scott have been constant on HGTV for almost eight years now. Their show 'Property Brothers' sees them renovate old spaces and turn them into family dream homes. Most of the episodes on the show feature families who've undergone some sort of struggle in their lives but are still pushing forward with a dream and a purpose.

It's not just a regular renovation and decor show as the stories that are told through the episodes never fail to strike a chord with the audiences. This is the reason why the show has turned into a successful franchise with a number of spin-offs featuring the brothers and thus winning the audiences. Jonathan and Drew have never fallen short of fame and love. Their official social media boasts of millions of followers who constantly shower a lot of love and praise on the brothers. However, they've received more than just popularity from their various shows on HGTV, and that is a very fat bank account.

Jonathan and Drew made half a billion dollars last year, according to a PEOPLE report. Their combined net worth, according to CelebNetWorth is an estimated $200 million. A lot of it comes from 'Property Brothers' and it's various spinoffs. The brothers also own a production company called Scott Brothers Entertainment and they've produced a number of shows, including 'Celebrity IOU', 'Making it Home with Kortney and Dave', 'Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House' and 'Outrageous Holiday Houses' among others. The brothers have also dabbled in writing, having penned four books, including a pair of children's books starring Jonathan and Drew as the 'Builder Brothers', according to Pop Sugar. They also have a design platform called Casaza as well as an app called Property Brothers Home Design. The brothers make profits out of anything they venture into.

Jonathan and Drew might be one of the wealthiest hosts on TV but they had their fair share of struggles while growing up, including Jonathan filing for bankruptcy at the age of 20. Jonathan was trying to work as an illusionist back then and began building large-scale illusions with the goal of developing a touring theater show. He was duped by a fellow magician who stole his entire production, destroying the show, and leaving Johnathan in a huge debt. Drew, on the other hand had, dropped out of college just like his brother and started working as a flight attendant at WestJet. Later on, Jonathan went back to school at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to study construction and design and became a licensed contractor. Drew got his real estate licence in 2004 as well, and the rest is history.

'Property Brothers: Forever Home' starts on Wednesday, October 28, with new episodes airing every Wednesday at 9 pm ET on HGTV.

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