What is Jonathan Kuminga's nickname? Embarrassing moniker goes viral on NBA Twitter

'NBA Twitter has nicknamed Johnathan Kuminga "The Kum Bucket", I think we've peaked,' wrote one Twitter user

                            What is Jonathan Kuminga's nickname? Embarrassing moniker goes viral on NBA Twitter
Jonathan Kuminga during a game at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on February 18, 2021 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 94-84 in the NBA Summer League play from Las Vegas' Cox Pavilion on Friday, August 13, 2021. Moses Moody scored 22 points and Jonathan Kuminga had 18. Moody and Kuminga each had a pair of buckets, with the latter player punctuating the game with a dunk. Kuminga's game was impressive, no doubt. But it looks like his performance was overshadowed by his newly acquired nickname, 'The Kum Bucket'. 

You don't need to have your mind in a gutter to know exactly what 'The Kum Bucket' means and as the game was underway, it went viral. It was on NBA's Twitter feed that the Congolese professional basketball player was given this shocking and quite innovative nickname. Many social media users started sharing a laugh or two over this new moniker. "Bruh they really callin this man the kum bucket in the comments," said one user, who couldn't believe his eyes.


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"When I first saw The Kum Bucket, I didn't read it properly. Instead, my mind made me see this (causing me to despise myself);" one more user wrote. Along similar lines, another wrote, "Why is the Kum Bucket trending rn with the fuckin NBA *concern*" Along said, "NBA Twitter has nicknamed Johnathan Kuminga "The Kum Bucket", I think we've peaked"







"dk much about basketball but whats trending did give me the idea to make this" one wrote on Twitter, along with an edit of a Spongebob picture. 


Another user wrote, "Kumming all over place rn"


For some, the reason why 'The Kum Bucket' was trending on Twitter was anticlimactic. "This is why 'the kum bucket' is trending??? interesting..." Another user, along similar lines, wrote, "Of all the shit to trend...the kum bucket was the most unexpected today."



At the end of the day, it was just sad for Kuminga to get that undeserved nickname — especially after everything that he has done to get selected by the Golden State Warriors as the 7th pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. 

"imagine u grind your whole life to make it to the nba and n****s start calling you the “kum bucket”," one wrote. 


And finally the verdict was out. "nah this man gotta to be saved from being called “the kum bucket”," one person wrote, showing his sympathy.


Kuminga had previously spoken about getting drafted, "At the end of the day all of us have three years to get better… we all have to work,” Kuminga said of his draft class. "Going to Golden State, I was really happy." He added, "It’s the best situation for me." Santa Cruz Warriors coach Kris Weems also spoke about Kuminga's talents. "I talked to a few of the front-office people after the G League bubble and told them this dude is a special player, you should definitely take a look at him,” Weems said.