'The Masked Singer' Season 3: T-Rex goes home and it was none other than JoJo Siwa under the mask

T-Rex's clue packages had a big hint that pointed towards her illustrious YouTube career, but it was only judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger who got their guesses correct on T-Rex's identity

                            'The Masked Singer' Season 3: T-Rex goes home and it was none other than JoJo Siwa under the mask
T-Rex and JoJo Siwa (Fox / Getty Images)

It was time for T-Rex to go home tonight on the 'Masked Singer'. At the end of the Group C championships, T-Rex was ousted from the competition and revealed her identity to everyone before going home.

For her performance, the T-Rex chose the song 'Jai Ho' but before that, there was a pre-taped clue package that played on screen for the judges to take a guess on her identity. The video started with T-Rex saying "I've been working my tail off in this competition and being so close to the super 9 feels absolutely 'bexcellent' and I know someone in particular who's been very proud of my hard work. So listen up as he serves you the inside scoop."

Her friend appeared on screen wearing the mask of airplane food. "I've spent a lot of time with the T-Rex, we travel together, we work together. Let me tell you... she subscribes to the idea that there are no off days" and the word immediately catches on to Nicole who says "subscribe, that makes me think of YouTube again."

"I have never met anyone so meticulous, especially someone her age. she is such a perfectionist. At rehearsal, if someone messes up we start over all over again. Even though she is young she has fans of all ages and always knows how to win over a crowd," concluded the friend.

It was performance time after that and T-Rex delivered an upbeat performance to Nicole Scherzinger and AR Rahman's version of 'Jai Ho'. "Jai Ho means victory and that was a victorious, vivacious and vibrant performance by you," said Nicole Scherzinger at the end of her performance.

From what she gathered from the clue packages over the weeks, Jenny McCarthy went with JoJo Siwa's name as her guess. "I started at Maddie Ziegler... There were a lot of Kardashian clues especially North West. Kim Kardashian brought North West to this girl's house because North West is a huge fan. I am going with JoJo Siwa," she said.

"I will go with JoJo as well," quipped Nicole. 

Ken Jeong interrupted saying "That's an amazing wrong guess. Just kind of looking at the clue package I could not help but notice all the food in the jet.. you got chips.. you got cheese, mozzarella cheese... I am thinking it could be Honey Boo Boo,"

T-Rex's final clue featured the word "poodle" and it was for Will Arnett. "Lego Batman is how we are connected," she said but he took a lot of other guesses, none of which were correct. 

At the end of the show, T-Rex ended up with the least amount of votes and before going home Nick Cannon helped her lift off the mask and JoJo revealed herself to everyone. 

'The Masked Singer' airs on Wednesday nights on Fox. Check your local listings for more information.

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