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'Promotion for SpaceX': Johnny Sins wants Elon Musk's help to become first porn star to have sex in space

'I think Elon would get on board with it, too, he is the type,' said Johnny Sins
Adult star Johnny Sins wants to have sex in space with Elon Musk's help (Twitter/johnnysins, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)
Adult star Johnny Sins wants to have sex in space with Elon Musk's help (Twitter/johnnysins, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Famous adult star Johnny Sins seriously wishes to do it all. The 43-year-old porn star has revealed that he wants to be the first performer to go to space and have sex. For his ventures, however, he hopes SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will provide a helping hand. 

A veteran in the adult film industry as well a frequent face in meme culture, Sins believes it would be "very cool" if he could live out his wishes of being the "first performer to have sex in space," reports the Daily Star. Apparently, a campaign for his trip to space has been in the works since 2015. 


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Johnny Sins (Twitter/johnnysins)
Johnny Sins shot to fame as a pornstar and meme legend (Twitter/@johnnysins)

Having taken on every possible role, from a doctor, teacher, firefighter, and astronaut, the jack of all trades want to add another feather to his cap by becoming the first performer to engage in sexual acts out in space. In an interview with Vice, Sins speaks of his belief in Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk. He felt that "Elon would get on board" if Sins pitched his idea to the multi-billionaire as he "is the type." Sins also felt that Musk's involvement would be an "amazing promotion for SpaceX, actually."

For the 43-year-old actor, the idea to indulge in intercourse outside earth is a "dream." In the interview, he confirmed that he had not given up hope and was still pursuing the idea. "It would be very cool. I would love to be the first performer in space," he said, adding, "And when that campaign launched, I don't even know when that was, 2015 maybe, no one had even gone to space yet on these commercial flights. But now that it's happening, it could be potentially realistic. I think it'd be awesome."

However, the performer feels that this venture needs to be hastened as there is a "ticking clock" now that he is in his early forties. "It has to happen pretty quick, in the next couple of years, because I'm gonna get up there in age, so…" He said. In the interview, when asked what his favorite role has been, he clarifies, "I think doctor is my most popular role. And I think it's the opposite of what I really do. So I suppose I really like playing a doctor, I don't know why. I would say astronaut, but I've never really been an astronaut yet. I'm still waiting for the space thing to happen." 

Perhaps this will come to fruition soon and Sins, who has already essayed several roles onscreen may get to live out the real-life experience associated with being an "astronaut."