Johnny Galecki says returning to Roseanne this time was 'much more personal' and 'emotional'

The Roseanne star recollected how emotional and strange it was to be back to learning a character that had been dormant for 21 years deep within the folds of his psyche

                            Johnny Galecki says returning to Roseanne this time was 'much more personal' and 'emotional'
Actor Johnny Galecki (Source : Getty Images)

Johnny Galecki got a chance to go back to the time when he first starred in Roseanne. The actor was seen reprising his role of David Healy last month when he was reuniting on screen with Sara Gilbert, who plays his on-off again girlfriend Darlene Conner on the show. 

Seeing the response he has received ever since he was seen again on the show, Johnny confessed he felt the love from all the fans for a role he did decades ago. “It’s nice that people have been asking, everybody’s been asking if I’m gonna be on the show, which is so very sweet, everyone from my mother to the taxi cab driver,” he said in an interview with People. “For me, it was much more of a personal experience,” he added. 

Johnny joined the show in 1992 during the fourth season of the show. When the actor returned for the revival in October 2017, he recalled how it was the first time that he was with the entire cast together. “It was a wonderful week, it was an emotional week for all of us," he said. 

"Not only because we were back together again, but also due to some of the content in that episode," he continued. Johnny was seen on the episode titled “Darlene v. David,”  in which it was seen that his character paid an unexpected visit to the Conner family home, where Darlene and their two children, daughter Harris (Emma Kenney) and son Mark (Ames McNamara) stayed. 

"It was creepy to learn a character that’s been dormant for 21 years deep in the inner folds of your psyche can emerge,” he said. “Like, ‘Wow, I’m around these people and on the set again in this wardrobe, he’s still in there!’" Since the original Roseanne program ended in 1997, Johnny has managed to keep in touch with most of the co-stars. “Soon after we wrapped, me and Laurie Metcalfe did a play at the Steppenwolf in Chicago and became very close through that, and she since has been on Big Bang Theory, obviously as has Sara,” he said. 

“John and I had a couple of chats and a dinner in New Orleans a couple of years ago on my birthday,” he recalled before adding, “I ran into Roseanne at a shopping center once and ended up going to my house and ordering a pizza and catching up a couple years ago.” He further added that "It’s really been Sara and Laurie that I’ve remained closest with not due to any sort of lack of relatability with anyone else but we’ve been continuing to work together.”

“That’s especially with Laurie because we had so very little to do together on Roseanne despite the five seasons I spent there. Our storylines just didn’t crisscross. She’s one of the best actors we have alive. It was really wonderful to work with her afterward and get to know her,” he continued. It is uncertain if Johnny will be returning to the show but fans sure would love to see him again.