John Oliver mocked Trump in 2017 for saying Washington, Jefferson's statues will fall, but he's RIGHT in 2020

The President had wondered if the Founding Fathers were next to be taken down after Jackson and Lee's status were taken down, seemingly predicting the future

                            John Oliver mocked Trump in 2017 for saying Washington, Jefferson's statues will fall, but he's RIGHT in 2020
John Oliver and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

It would be quite a surprise if you log on to twitter one day and see nothing about President Donald Trump. The social media channel is always buzzing about one thing or another that has to do with the POTUS, and this time it's a video that has re-surfaced from 2017. Many had a lot to say under the video posted by Twitter users, some claiming how sarcastic and ironic the video was. 

"So this week it's Robert E Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down, I wonder, is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You really have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” Trump had said in August 2017 at a news conference on the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that year. This came right after the Baltimore City Council voted unanimously to deconstruct these monuments on August 15, 2017. The Jackson and Lee Statue was subsequently removed on August 16, 2017, but the base remains intact.

Ironically, the President had wondered if the US Founding Fathers were next to be taken down, seemingly predicting the future. Their statues were attacked earlier last month, three years after Trump had asked "Where does it stop?". You can watch the clip of the video here, for better context. There were many sarcastic tweets that took over the comments section of the video. Some who were supporters were genuine in their hatred towards the act of the statues being attacked.

Some of the sarcastic comments included one user saying, "Whatever you think of Trump, you have to admit that the man has great instincts. Always able to somehow see around the corner," with another adding, "Trump is always eventually proven to be right. These people never learn."

The video was posted with the tweet, "2017: So-called comedian John Oliver mocks President @realDonaldTrump for suggesting statues of Washington and Jefferson would be next. Trump was right," and while some wondered "why Oliver had a job in the US", most were stuck on the fact that the POTUS was right those years ago.

People also ended up bringing up points from history over the statues being taken down with one tweeting, "Washington and Jefferson didn't want their inherited slaves and abhorred slavery. Virginia Law, however, prevented them from releasing them, and not wishing to sell them into something worse they did what they could behind the scenes to abolish slavery."

The protestors involved in the advocacy of #BlackLivesMatter had pulled down Confederate statues, some of which included historical statues like Christopher Columbus and former President Ulysses S Grant. FOX News also reported that a Jefferson statue was taken down in Portland, Oregon, along with a Washington statue. Tweets claimed that while Trump may have predicted this, his "ignorance and call to hate, doesn't deserve attention." Many tweets asked people to "re-call and re-asses" the situation. "Of course Trump was right, his racism was going to hit the fan someday! Let's focus on what matters #BlackLivesMatter!!!" tweeted a user. 

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