John Cena could play Peacemaker or King Shark in 'Suicide Squad' movie, and absolutely kill it

John Cena could play Peacemaker or King Shark in 'Suicide Squad' movie, and absolutely kill it

We now know that John Cena is in talks to be in the upcoming 'Suicide Squad' movie, along with Idris Elba and Margot Robbie. While Robbie will be reprising her role as the baseball bat yielding, Joker-loving Harley Quinn, the roles that Cena and Elba will be playing has been kept under wraps. Although it was earlier believed that Elba would take over as Deadshot, a character portrayed by Will Smith in the first film, it has been confirmed now that he would, in fact, be taking on a fresh role. 

We are all the more excited for Cena, though, who would be making his debut in a big superhero movie with the 'Suicide Squad' sequel. Having come from a wrestling background, he is in exceptional shape and would not have to worry about whipping himself into shape for the movie. That being said we think there are some specific characters from 'Suicide Squad' series that would suit him exceptionally well. 

As a WWE star, John Cena is already in the perfect shape to portray any suprthero/supervillain characte believably. (Twitter)


There are many antiheroes, supervillains, and even superheroes, within the 'Suicide Squad' storyline that neither The CW's 'Arrow' or the DC Cinematic Universe hasn't adequately explored, including Blockbuster, Bronze Tiger, King Shark, Chemo, Peacemaker and Albert Rothstein.

From characteristic traits to physical attributes, there are many reasons why Cena would make a perfect fit to play any of these antiheroes.


Many believe Cena to be taking on this role because Variety reporter Justin Kroll tweeted that the WWE star would replace Dave Bautista, who was initially in talks to be part of Suicide Squad 2.' Bautista, who is already a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Drax from 'Guardians of the Galaxy', however, could not commit because of scheduling conflicts, and Cena was roped in for the role.




Even though Bautista's own role was shrouded in mystery, rumor mills had claimed that he would embody the pacifist diplomat Christopher Smith, who is so committed to peace that he was willing to use force as a superhero to advance the cause.

It is understood that John Cena is in talks to portray the same role that Dave Bautista has initially intended to play (Getty Images)


Becoming a deadly vigilante who would not hesitate to kill for the smallest of reasons, Smith is supposedly inspired to pursue the peace-through-violence route because of a mental illness brought on by the shame of having a Nazi death camp commandant for a father. He believes that his father's spirit is haunting him still, constantly criticizing his every move. 


Atom Smasher

Tell me that the name alone does not give you an image of Cena smashing something? 

Albert Rothstein (known by the aliases Nuklon and Atom Smasher) is a metahuman, who acquired his powers of super strength and the ability to change the size and density of his body as per his will from his grandfather Cyclotron. His strength and density increase proportionately to whatever size he chooses. A short-time member of the Justice League, Rothstein has a reputation of being insecure and indecisive. 

King Shark

King Shark is one of Team Flash's nemeses in The CW's 'The Flash.' (Twitter)


A supervillain who has appeared in The CW's Arrowverse, King Shark is a humanoid shark, born Nanaue. Son of the Shark God, King Shark is more or less a killing machine. While DC has not really explored a version of King Shark where he has any particular characteristics, attributes, or inspirations, Cena could be the one to do that for the on-screen version of the supervillain, who has quite the back story in the comic books. 


Bronze Tiger

Ben Turner, who grew up in an upper-middle-class neighborhood in The Flash's hometown, Central City, is a man with severe anger management problems. The first burst of his anger was noticeable when he killed a man that tried to burgle his parents with a kitchen knife. He is trained in various forms of martial arts -- all of which focuses on controlling the fury inside him, but ultimately, he turns to crime, even going as far as to join the League of Assassins. 

Michael Jai White had played the role of Bronze Tiger in The CW's 'Arrow.' (Twitter)


He is one of the supervillains Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) recruits for the Suicide Squad and it would be awesome to see Cena's version of it. Actor Michael Jai White played Bronze Tiger in the CW's 'Arrow.'


The first Blockbuster (the name is shared by four DC supervillains) Mark Desmond, a chemist obsessed with physical strength and who conducted experiments on himself to increase his strength. I know what you're thinking, say no more, this role is tailor-made for Cena. However, if I may add, that the experiments along with giving him the desired strength, also made him mindlessly aggressive. It did not help that his brother who took care of him, was also a local criminal.

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