Joey King's fans rush to support 'absolutely stunning' actress after jealous trolls call her 'hideous'

'The Kissing Booth' star's fans rallied behind her after trolls wrote comments such as, 'I'm sorry but the girl is so hideous' and 'She's serving a failed abortion look alike methinks'

                            Joey King's fans rush to support 'absolutely stunning' actress after jealous trolls call her 'hideous'
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'The Kissing Booth' actress Joey King is currently trending on Twitter after some trolls criticized her appearance and called her "hideous." However, her supporters rallied behind her and slammed the negative comments. 

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of certain people on Twitter criticizing King's looks using some extremely harsh words. "I'm sorry but the girl is so hideous," read one of the tweets from the screenshot she shared. Other tweets also included, "Why she look like that," and "She's serving a failed abortion look alike methinks." The Internet sometimes serves as an unforgiving space especially when it comes to trolls who mock celebrities; however, in King's case it was the complete opposite. Even though the comments that criticized her were minimal in number, people decided to not let it pass. Her fans started listing all the reasons why she's the best and doesn't deserve the ill-treatment by keyboard warriors from behind their device screens. 

"Y’all leave my girl joey king alone she’s a cutie pie and she’s a better actor than most of y’all little white boy faves," wrote a fan, while another tweeted, "What we not gonna do is hate on Joey king, I just finished watching the act a few days ago and the way she played that role  she got me too invested in these shows."

Another supportive fan wrote, "I will never understand how people can bully someone for their looks and call them ugly and laugh about it?? you really gotta be f**king sick to do that." King has dated her 'The Kissing Booth' co-star Jacob Elordi in the past, who is now dating Zendaya. Referring to that, a fan tweeted, "All these people are hating on Joey King cause they’re mad she dated Jacob Elordi and they never will and that’s facts. Just admit you’re jealous of her, it’ll make you feel better!"

Another fan of King tweeted, "The same people who tweet nasty stuff about Joey King also think that they’ve got a chance in hell to date Jacob Elordi, awful nasty bitches." "Joey King is absolutely stunning and if you think otherwise you can kindly f**k off," wrote another.

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