Joel Greenberg CONFIRMS Matt Gaetz had sex with minor in leaked letter: ‘I did see the acts occur firsthand’

A leaked letter reportedly confirms that the Florida Congressman did indeed have sex with a minor and paid for his escapades through Venmo and Cash App

                            Joel Greenberg CONFIRMS Matt Gaetz had sex with minor in leaked letter: ‘I did see the acts occur firsthand’
Matt Gaetz's associate Joel Greenberg reportedly wrote in a letter that the congressman paid for sex with minor (Getty Images)

Is it the end of the line for Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz? The embattled Republican has been fighting allegations of sex trafficking for weeks, and now it seems like he's got no defense left. A new letter, written by his friend and 'wingman' Joel Greenberg, reportedly confirms most of the allegations that have been reported in the press.  

The confessional letter was reportedly written during the final days of the Trump administration and confirms Gaetz had sex with multiple women, including a minor. Greenberg who was under federal indictment reportedly asked Roger Stone to help him secure a pardon from former President Donald Trump.


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MEAWW has not been able to verify the contents of the letter which was first reported by the Daily Beast. The publication claimed to have viewed the letter's "two typed versions and an earlier handwritten one". According to the publication, handwriting expert Wendy Carlson opined that "the person who authored a 2019 financial disclosure for Joel Greenberg, as well as Greenberg’s 2020 Board of Elections form, was the same as the author of the letter". 

Representative Matt Gaetz listens during a markup on H.R. 7120, the "Justice in Policing Act of 2020," on June 17, 2020, in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

Stone responsible for the letter

The confession letter was written by Greenberg as part of efforts to obtain the pardon after a series of texts were exchanged between Stone and Greenberg, said the report. Those texts, also obtained by the Daily Beast, revealed how far Greenberg was willing to go. Exchanged in late 2020, the texts were reportedly sent over Signal and set to disappear. However, Greenberg had apparently taken screenshots of the texts.

"If I get you $250k in Bitcoin would that help or is this not a financial matter," Greenberg texted. Stone then replied, "I understand all of this and have taken it into consideration. I will know more in the next 24 hours I cannot push too hard because of the nonsense surrounding pardons." On January 13, Stone texted, "I hope you are prepared to wire me $250,000 because I am feeling confident". In December, Greenberg texted, "my lawyers that I fired, know the whole story about MG’s involvement. They know he paid me to pay the girls and that he and I both had sex with the girl who was underage.”

Stone responded to that report with a text message to the Daily Beast. The publication said Stone denied asking or receiving payment but did confirm he asked Greenberg to prepare "a document explaining his prosecution." However, the pardons never materialized, and Trump left office after aids pushed him hard to avoid pardoning Gaetz or his associates. Now, the document has made its way to the media, implicating all three in the massive scandal.

A 2017 Facebook post showing Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg and Roger Stone were all close friends (Matt Gaetz via Facebook)

Greenberg spills the beans

In the letter, Greenberg reportedly confirms he and Gaetz and sex with several other girls. "On more than one occasion, this individual was involved in sexual activities with several of the other girls, the congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional District and myself," Greenberg wrote. In many places, he has referred to Gaetz either with his initials MG or as Matt, says the report. 

Greenberg adds, "...from time to time, gas money or gifts, rent or partial tuition payments were made to several of these girls, including the individual who was not yet 18. I did see the acts occur firsthand and Venmo transactions, Cash App or other payments were made to these girls on behalf of the Congressman." Greenberg also reportedly goes into detail about the minor, which is the most serious accusation Gaetz faces.

At the time, both Greenberg and Gaetz believed the girl was 19, but on September 4, 2017, Greenberg learnt she was underage "from an anonymous tip", adds the report. "Immediately I called the congressman and warned him to stay clear of this person and informed him she was underage," Greenberg wrote. "He was equally shocked and disturbed by this revelation." Greenberg then allegedly confronted the girl, to explain that she had put "people in danger". As per the report, he then goes on to say, "she apologized and recognized that by lying about her age, she endangered many people. There was no further contact with this individual until after her 18th birthday.”

Joel Greenberg addresses a rally for Trump in 2017. (Joel Greenberg via Facebook)

Greenberg also allegedly confirms he facilitated interactions college students had with Gaetz and even paid them on his behalf. "All of the girls were in college or post college and it was not uncommon for either myself or the Congressman to help anyone [sic] of these girls financially, whether it was a car payment, a flight home to see their family or something as simple as helping pay a speeding ticket," he reportedly said. 

It is unclear if federal prosecutors have seen the letter, but they refused to comment on the article. Greenberg is currently facing a massive 33-count indictment on multiple charges, including sex trafficking and fraud. Multiple outlets have reported Gaetz is also being investigated, but his role hasn't been publicly acknowledged by prosecutors. Nonetheless, the letter is good proof of Gaetz's involvement. Thanks to Stone, we know it exists, and if the Beast's claims are proven true, could be the end of Gaetz's career.