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'Joe Millionaire': Fans say Amber was 'too smart' for Steven post elimination

'Amber has a beautiful mind and soul… I love how deep and insightful she is. Ol' boy Stephen wasn't ready for that,' tweeted a fan
Amber on 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer and Poorer' (Lifetime)
Amber on 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer and Poorer' (Lifetime)

For Kurt and Steven, the leads of 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer', they are certainly starting to feel the heat of their situation. With only 6 women left, they are now asking themselves the real questions, who can they see a future with?

With Amanda, Annie, Amber, Calah, Carolyn and Whitney left in the running, the pressure is now on, as Kurt and Steven have to go through not one but two eliminations.

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With the ball in the women's court, it all boiled down to who they wanted to go out with and spend time with. Amber and Annie picked Steven, while Carolyn and Amanda were on Team Kurt. When it came to Whitney and Calah, they decided to go on dates with both the men as they were still undecided.

Steven decided to take Amber horseback riding and then picnic, hoping to see more of her fun-loving side. He mentioned that he knew they could have deep conversations, but apart from once, he hadn't seen her let loose and was starting to worry that being serious might be a running theme in their relationship. While he tried to steer the conversation, Amber continued to discuss important issues, which ultimately made up his mind, he was unsure of a future with her. Amber was heartbroken when he came clean to her, later saying that she was getting to the lighter side of her personality, seeing that it took time to open up. Fans were just as upset to see her go. 

"I love someone I can have deep conversations bc at the end of the day surface level ish isn't worth much…I don't get it #JoeMillionaire" tweeted a fan. "I'm disappointed in Steven, honestly. The fun and vulnerability comes out the more someone trusts you if they are a deep individual. The way Kurt complains about Carolyn not getting deep enough and Steven agrees and then Steven doesn't want someone going so deep. #JoeMillionaire" added another. "NOOO NO NO NOPE!!! Im not happy!!!. Im honestly pissed off right now. You did nothing wrong boo @iamsoamber . Steven disregarded your feelings and THATS NOT OKAY!! #JoeMillionaire @JoeMillFOX" said reality star Natalie Nunn. "Was Amber too smart for him? #JoeMillionaire" asked another. "Amber, baby, you are gonna find someone who appreciates you & all of the deep, beautiful parts of you! #JoeMillionaire" tweeted a fan. "Don't even worry about it Amber! I knew how this was going to turn out anyway, weeks ago...There are plenty of other guys out there who aren't dating like 20 women at a time! #JoeMillionaire" added another. "Amber has a beautiful mind and soul… I love how deep and insightful she is. Ol' boy Stephen wasn't ready for that #JoeMillionaire" said a fan. 








'Joe Millionaire' airs Thursday nights at 8 pm on Fox.

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