Joe Budden slams 'KKK guy' Alex Jones who dubs him racist in 'most random beef of 2021'

The beef started after Budden called out podcaster Andrew Schulz for platforming Jones, who he referred to as the 'KKK guy'

                            Joe Budden slams 'KKK guy' Alex Jones who dubs him racist in 'most random beef of 2021'
Joe Budden and Alex Jones are beefing (Photos by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Revolt and Sergio Flores/Getty Images)

Joe Budden, who The New York Times once dubbed the “Howard Stern of hip-hop”, is now feuding with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The angry ‘Infowars’ host who has peddled baseless conspiracy theories, nativist rants, and end-of-days fearmongering has come into the crosshairs of the 'Slaughterhouse' rapper who retired from hip-hop in 2018 and found success as a broadcaster. 

Budden recently called out fellow podcaster Andrew Schulz for platforming the likes of Jones. He said that he saw Schulz and Jones on a podcast together, laughing together, and said, “It disturbs me." Budden also referred to him as the “KKK guy.” And Jones is not happy about it. 


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Taking to his favorite medium -- video -- Jones referred to Budden as "Booden" and attacked him, all while telling him to go "burn in hell." He also called Budden racist. “You need to be slapped upside your dumb a** head for your own good,” Jones said. “I’m not saying I’m going to do that. My point is, what the hell’s your problem!? You don’t even know who I am, but you get the talking point for trying to police things.”

"I will not sit there and have racist Black people who are feeding at the corporate new world order, eugenics, genocide, death cult tit, lecture me about how I'm bad because I'm White," Jones said. "Just because you are this Black person paid by the corporate media to spew racism to divide this country in the world. I didn't do anything to you. I don't owe you anything. And you are despicable, lying about me."

Online, many found their beef unexpected and hilarious. On Reddit, one user said, “Most random beef of the year.” Another Reddit user said, “I had to double check because I thought this was one of those Biden/Budden mix-ups.” One Reddit user said, “If I ever make an animated wrestling show, Alex Jones is going to play the voice of the main bad guy.”

On Twitter, one account said, “Alex Jones pronounced Joe Budden’s name like an IKEA end table.” Another said, “This was me after I heard Alex Jones respond back to Joe Budden.” One person said, “Joe Budden vs Alex Jones = the simulation is broken,” sharing the video. Another said, “LMFAO Joe Budden getting cooked by Alex Jones is wild.”

“Whoever thought Alex Jones would be the one to bar Joe Budden up? Lmao,” tweeted one person. Another asked, “So... Joe Budden and Alex Jones got beef. How—?” One person said on Twitter, “I know why Alex Jones & Joe Budden beefing rn but I still can’t wrap my head around it bc what? WHAT?!” Another person tweeted, “I never thought I’d see Alex Jones vs Joe Budden but it’s 2021 sooooo.”









In 2018, Jones was banned by all the major social media giants. He has been largely banned by Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and even Pinterest. Following that, even Vimeo, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter disassociated themselves from his brand. He has multiple defamation suits against him, including three filed by Sandy Hook families. He also faces complaints of workplace discrimination from two ex-employees, fraud and product liability cases, and more.