Drake joins Joe Budden on Instagram Live, promises an interview assuring fans that 2016 feud has ended

The pair had traded jibes over the past few years, including a few diss tracks and shout-outs on stage - but it now appears that they have made their peace

                            Drake joins Joe Budden on Instagram Live, promises an interview assuring fans that 2016 feud has ended
Joe Budden and Drake (Getty Images)

Rapper Drake and broadcaster Joe Budden have now apparently made peace with each other. The Canadian hip-hop star recently stopped by the former Slaughterhouse rapper's Instagram Live feed on April 5 and exchanged pleasantries with him. Although the pair had a bit of a falling-out over the years, it appears that both of them were now willing to be large-hearted and re-engage in conversation rather than let their feud grow bigger.

Here's a "beef recap" - the feud allegedly started with Budden criticizing Drake's album 'Views' in 2016, saying it was "uninspired." Drake soon fired back with a subtle Snapchat video where he improvised a line from Joe Budden's 2003 most popular (and only) hit 'Pump It Up,' and rumors started flying that both MCs were preparing to release diss tracks aimed at each other.

Drake eventually fired shots at Budden with the song '4PM In Calabasas' and Budden responded in kind, calling Drake out as "fake" on 'Making A Murderer Pt. 1'. After several diss tracks from Budden surfaced, Drake even called him out on stage, saying "I should’ve brought Joe Budden up here and let him do ‘Pump It Up’ one time tonight. Pump, pump, pump it up. F*** them n*****, man." 

Joe Budden speaks onstage during day 2 of REVOLT Summit x AT&T Summit on September 13, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia (Getty Images)

So based on their history, it's rather refreshing that both of them were acting cordial and chummy with each other while ironing out their differences. Budden was a bit peeved that most members of Drake's 'OVO Sound' record label would hang with him, except for Drake himself. "You're the only one that, like, avoids me for some strange reason," a bemused Budden told Drake. "Never avoid you," Drake countered. "I just don't see you. We're never in the same place." Pat came the reply from Budden - "Cause I'm too broke?" A grinning Drake then replied, "I didn't want to say it."

Budden also mentioned that since Elliott Wilson and Brian "B Dot" Miller of Rap Radar had interviewed Drake at his house, Budden wanted to interview Drake on his own podcast soon. "When the album's ready," Drake promised him, but Budden was having none of that - "You've been saying that for a year, and now I have a whole leaked album with like 30 Drake joints."

Drake then claimed that those were old songs, and said he'd definitely do an interview with Budden in the future. Before Drake left the video chat, Budden also asked him - "Why do you troll me this way? Honestly? Like, you don't think it's hurtful to me?" and Drake smiled while saying that his playful trolling always came with an "encouraging undertone."

Rapper Drake poses at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)

So there you have it, that's one beef officially stamped out. Fans on social media were pretty thrilled to see their online banter. One follower said, "Took a global pandemic to get Drake and Joe Budden talking together in front of us all. Can’t wait to see that interview on the pod."

Other viewers also said "Drake and Joe Budden on IG live is incredible man loooooool the podcast be wilding but it’s all love man. That’s amazing."

Most people's takeaways was a feeling of excitement, with plenty of fans stoked and hyped for the upcoming interview that Drake promised. "The day we get a Joe Budden pod and Drake will be great," posted one fan, while another tweeted - "That interview with Joe Budden is gonna be amazing. I have been WAITING."

Stay tuned for more updates on that in the future!

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